Snow Queens Magic Slots

Snow_Queens_MagicSnow Queens Magic will place you in a winter themed slot, with the story revolving around a queen that does magic, with the game having enough of a fantasy inspiration to it that you will find it familiar. The fact that the action takes place in a winter setting makes it unusual, as every other fantasy game will give you some kind of enchanted forest or a castle dungeon in the background. Here, a Greek temple supports the slot’s 5 reels.

With its 5 reels and 9 paylines, plus its complete lack of features, Snow Queens Magic shows us a game that relies only on its charming graphics and relatively low betting requirements, to keep its players entertained. It was designed by IGT and its biggest payout is worth $7,500, if you don’t count the progressive jackpot.

Features of Snow Queens Magic

The part that is truly unusual about Snow Queens Magic is its complete lack of features. You don’t expect it from a 5 reel game, even one with 9 paylines, which usually signals that it’s an older title. The progressive jackpot doesn’t qualify as a feature, but it’s still nice to see it displayed at the top of the screen, and that’s going to be the only thing distracting you from the regular symbols and the combinations they can form.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re not going to need to invest a lot of money to trigger a spin in this game, even if you decide to max out the wager. With only 9 lines inside, with 1 coin reserved for each line, and with the coin’s betting range going from $0.10 to $1, the largest bet offered is at $9.

You do get up to 7,500 coins from the slot’s best combination of symbols, but even at full coin value that means only $7,500. It might not be life changing, but it’s at least a decent figure, especially at only $9 per spin. As for the progressive jackpot, the exact amount you win from it depends on the coin denomination (10% to 100% of the full amount, for $0.10 to $1 coins).

Design and symbols

Taking place in some sort of winter setting, with snowflakes and ice related images used from time to time, this slot has plenty of magic related items as well on its reels. A purple colored temple and its columns are used to support the reels. The white background of the reels will also remind you of the snow theme of the game, with some playing cards used that seem out of place here. The symbols that do have a themed design look good.

Symbols: Snow Queen (progressive jackpot), White Haired Wizard (7,500 coins), White Horse (5,000 coins), Owl (1,000 coins), Wizard Staff (500 coins), Magic Mirror (200 coins), Jack (100 coins), 10 (50 coins) and 9 (25 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re looking for a very simple game, with charming graphics, with low betting requirements and a huge progressive jackpot available inside, Snow Queens Magic hits all of those marks. If modern games are your favorites, and you want to have fun with various features that help out along the way, keep looking, there are better options out there.

You will find Snow Queens Magic at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.