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Star Trek – Against All Odds Slots

Star-Trek-Against-All-OddsIn Star Trek – Against All Odds, you will find that the game is designed with the modern version of Star Trek in mind. The movies released lately are the inspiration for it, with many of its images being based on the characters and actors that were part of them. This is the second slot machine from IGT to be based on the modern Star Trek movies, so if you’re a newcomer to the science fiction genre you will know exactly what they contain. Those that enjoyed the old series as well will probably regret not having a game with Captain Picard as the main hero.

This version of Star Trek gets 5 reels plus 720 paylines/ways to win. Its prizes will reward you with up to $5,000, should you get the best combo available, and you will find that it offers a number of interesting bonus games, energizing wilds, regular wilds and scatter symbols.

Features of Star Trek – Against All Odds

With up to 720 ways to win offered inside, this game uses a different kind of payline, one where you only need the symbols to be on consecutive reels, and not in certain positions. You also can start from the right side as well, not just from the left, like in most other slots. Stacked wild symbols, scatters and bonus games are all available inside, making it even more fun to play.

One of the more important symbols in any game, the wild is represented in this case by the image of a teleporting action, with Wild written in front. The fact that it can be a stacked symbol helps with its appeal enormously, but my happiness was somewhat tempered by the fact that it is going to only appear on the middle three reels. As a wild, it can substitute for any other regular symbol, so it doesn’t influence bonus or scatter symbols.

The scatter is an interesting apparition, with multiple red blobs of anti-matter included in its image. Besides, having a symbol that can give you its rewards without needing to be part of a payline or a way to win is something that I’d like to see more often. The presence of 3 to 5 scattered symbols of this type will give you rewards ranging from 3x to 100x the total bet.

Energizing Wilds

A randomly triggered feature, it can affect the middle three reels of the slot, where it turns between 2 and 5 symbols into wilds. It’s an extra reason to enjoy this game, knowing that at any moment your luck could turn thanks to some random feature that comes to the rescue.


Enterprise Defender Bonus

This is the slot’s bonus game, where you have to defend Enterprise by destroying the incoming missiles. It’s an arcade game, where you point with your mouse at the missiles that are incoming. The weapon will fire automatically, so half the job is already done for you. Depending on the score you achieve, you advance in rank, from Lieutenant, to Commander and Captain.


Triggering the bonus game is done with 5 symbols of the Alien Ship. There are two types of missiles to destroy, one giving you 500 points, the other 100 points. If you finish as a lieutenant, you can win up to 6,500 coins. As a Commander (12,000+ points), you can win up to 15,000 coins. If you do great in the bonus game, and you get to Captain (14,000+ points), then you can win up to 22,500 coins. You find out exactly how much you’ve won by spinning one of the wheels of fortune, a total of 9 versions existing for the three ranks. These wheels can give you prizes, multipliers and the chance to win a second spin with more pointers or higher prizes.

Betting options and jackpots

Because the game has ways to win instead of regular paylines, you don’t use individual coins for all of them, instead relying on just 60 coins to cover each wager. You don’t get to play with the number of coins, but you are allowed to modify their denomination as you see fit, as long as you’re in the $0.01 to $5 range. With 60 coins used at all times, the range goes from $0.60 to $300.

The biggest reward offered by the regular combinations will be worth about 1,000 coins, or $5,000. However, there are also the bonus games, which with a bit of luck and skill can give you up to 22,500 coins ($112,500).

Design and symbols

The action takes place directly in space in the case of this Star Trek game, with a giant planet visible behind it, with stars winking in the distance and with the actors from the movie being used as symbols, along with various types of weapons and other Star Trek inspired images. It’s a game that you will recognize and enjoy if you’re a fan, even though it’s not especially impressive.

Symbols: Teleporting Wild (wild), Alien Ship (scatter), Red Anti-Matter (scatter, 100x triggering wager), Federation Logo (1,000 coins), Kirk (500 coins), Spock (300 coins), Chekhov (125 coins), Scotty (100 coins), Phaser (100 coins), Romulan Disruptor (100 coins) and Alien Weapon (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

This is the second Star Trek slot from IGT and it’s based on the same movie, so you can choose on your own which one you like. This one has a lot more chances to win, so if you prefer this system, go for it. It doesn’t have as many features as its predecessor, but on the other hand you can actually shoot down missiles in it.

Star Trek, the 2009 Movie

There are about a dozen movies released so far in the Star Trek franchise, but the one that this slot seems to be built upon is the one from 2009, the revival of the series, after long years during which no others movies were produced. This film used an all new cast of actors, but the characters they portrayed were the oldest ones, from the original Star Trek.

With names like Kirk, Uhura, Scotty or Spock being music to the ears of a lot of people, it’s no wonder that the movie had such a huge success. Another movie was released in 2013, with the third movie of the trilogy being planned as well.

This Star Trek – Against All Odds slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.