Star Trek Slots

Star-TrekStar Trek isn’t a name that requires an introduction, even for the people that aren’t necessarily interested in science fiction. With about half a dozen TV series, with twice as many movies, with comic books, novels, video games and slot machines created based on it, Star Trek is still as popular today as it ever was. In this case, we’re getting a game themed around the modern version of Star Trek, with the characters being the young versions of the people from the original Star Trek series. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock aren’t missing either, along with Uhura and all the others.

A modern game, with a lot of nice features inside (free games, four different bonus games, scatter symbols and wilds), with 5 reels & 30 lines, Star Trek will give you impressive jackpots, up to $200,000, but you also have to invest a lot into each spin of its reels. Its creator is IGT, in collaboration with the studios that have the license for the Star Trek movies.

Features of Star Trek

You will notice that there are plenty of interesting features to keep you entertained for a long time, especially if you’re a fan of the Star Trek universe. The wild symbol is one example, the free spins round is another, plus you will find multipliers and bonus games as well.

The logo of Star Trek appears to be used as a wild in the game, allowed to only appear on the reels from 2 to 5, so you don’t get it on the 1st reel. From those reels, the wild will act as a substitute for either character symbols or for playing cards. You will not get its substitution powers to work when a feature symbol is involved though, but that’s normal for most games.

The Bonus symbol is a valuable addition to the slot, as it can give you one of four bonus games that the slot offers, depending along which character symbol it appears. You need two Bonus symbols and one Character symbol, to get a bonus game triggered.

Kirk’s Bonus

With two Bonus symbols, plus one Captain Kirk symbol, you get access to this bonus feature. You get between 3 and 6 win spins initially, with 3x multipliers attached. The win spin gives you a guaranteed number of winning combinations, as it will keep spinning the reels until you have a winning combo. Since all the winning combinations are tripled in value here, this can be an extremely valuable feature.


The free spins have their own set of reels and symbols, different from the ones used in the base game. Besides the win spins, you are also rewarded with a prize that is the equivalent of three triggering bets.


Spock’s Bonus

With the same two Bonus symbols, but this time with Spock as the third element, you get a feature where “Emotionally compromised, Spock goes wild!”, as the game describes it. To start with, you get between 10 and 15 games for free, where Spock acts as a wild symbol and where Kirk pays twice as much as usual.


Once again, you have a new set of symbols that are used, with payouts being mostly the same, with one exception. The top jackpot pays twice as much during Spock’s Bonus, with Kirk awarding up to 2,000x in it. You also get the 3x bet prize when you trigger this feature.


Uhura’s Bonus

When the third symbol appearing next to the two Bonus symbols is the Uhura character, you get her bonus feature triggered. The reward consists in 6 to 12 games for free, plus extra Uhura scatter prizes offered inside.


Most of the prizes remain the same, even though the symbols change from the base game, but there is one addition here that wasn’t present before. Uhura acts as a scatter symbol that gives away up to 250x the triggering bet when up to 8 of them are present.


Scotty’s Bonus

The fourth and final bonus feature that can get triggered is the one that has Scotty as the third symbol, when it appears next to two Bonus icons. 10 free spins are given to the player in this case, plus 2x to 5x multipliers for the first 5 spins and 4x to 10x multipliers for the rest.


This feature has its own set of symbols as well, when it comes to the characters at least, but the payouts are no different from the base game, if you don’t count the multipliers that have an effect on them during each spin.


Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to discover that you might not have the option to reduce the number of paylines that are used, they’re fixed at 30, but you can play with the line bet to your heart’s content. The line’s wager starts at $1 and reaches $100 if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. That means a $30 to $3,000 betting range.

In exchange for your generous wagers, the game can reward you with up to 1,000 coins ($100,000) in the base game, or with up to 2,000 coins ($200,000) during Spock’s Bonus Game.

Design and symbols

There isn’t much to say about the design. The new Star Trek movie is at its basis, so the reels are filled with photos of the actors that were part of it. The reels are placed on the bridge screen, with the surrounding graphics suggesting the same thing. The stars of the Universe serve as the perfect backdrop for this game, with symbols appearing like they are suspended in mid-air.

Symbols: Star Trek Logo (wild), Enterprise Bonus (scatter), Kirk (1,000 coins), Spock (750 coins), Uhura (400 coins), Scotty (300 coins), Ace (125 coins), King (100 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins) and 10 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say so, especially if you’re a fan of science fiction in general, or of the Star Trek universe in particular. It might not have your favorite characters inside, as many prefer the older series to the new movies, but it’s still about Star Trek, adventures and in this case it’s also about the money (not the case in the real Star Trek though).

Star Trek, the Movie (2009)

Since this slot is based on the 2009 movie, we’re going to talk a bit about it. It had J. J. Abrams as its director, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as its writers and Paramount Pictures was the distributor. Ten other movies were released in the Star Trek universe officially (not counting the many fan made films that are not well known). The heroes of this series are the younger versions of the characters from the original Star Trek series, with James T. Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew seen as they go against Nero, the movie’s villain.

The new Star Trek movies both took place in the same alternate reality, to explain why they are somewhat different from the rest of the franchise. In this case, a Romulan from the future goes back in time and changes history, as he tries to get revenge on Spock and on the Federation.

Star Trek can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.