Super Hoot Loot Slots

Super-Hoot-LootThe hero of Super Hoot Loot is an owl, a cute bird that you can see at all times next to a special line at the bottom, the background being a forest at night, while the rest of the symbols will give you foxes, bears, vultures and all sorts of other creatures of the wilderness. Its cartoon style design makes it look cute and it resembles a children’s animation movie, the perfect thing to look at on a Sunday morning.

Players that start up Super Hoot Loot will find that it’s a 5 reel game that has 40 paylines inside. There are scatter symbols, a couple of wilds and free spins with multipliers, all great features. Payouts of up to $10,000 are offered, enough to keep you interested if you really like the design. The game’s developer is IGT.

Features of Super Hoot Loot

Super Hoot Loot doesn’t rely just on its cute graphics to attract its players though, making sure that it has enough special features and bonus games to keep you glued to your chair and clicking on that Spin button. With multipliers, free games, scatters and wilds all part of it, you will find that it’s not difficult at all having fun in it.

First of all, we have the Loot Line. It’s an area that is visible below the reels, with the Owl sitting next to it. Whenever you have a regular symbol in the game, which has a small owl head placed in its bottom right corner, you will notice that at the end of the spin it will be copied to the Loot Line. If there are multiple symbols with owls in them, all of them are copied there. You get paid when this happens, using the triggering bet as the basis for its multipliers. You get the prize when these symbols are used in winning combinations, in which case the loot line multiplier is applied to the payout.


You will discover that two different wild symbols can be present in Super Hoot Loot. One of them is the owl, a symbol that can both substitute for others and it can apply a 2x multiplier to their payouts.

The second wild symbol gets the game Logo, and it can also substitute for others and help them form combinations. The difference is that it has no multiplier, so you only get the usual prize from those new combinations. Neither wild can take the place of the Gold Vault, the scatter.

The Gold Vault is a scatter symbol that is limited to three reels, the first, third and fifth ones. You need this symbol on all the reels I just mentioned, during the same round, but it doesn’t matter where exactly it appears if it’s on them. You get 7 free games when the requirements are met, with wild symbols with 2x multipliers being included inside. Getting multiple Green Vaults during these free spins will reward you with prizes of up to 10x the bet.

Betting options and jackpots

The bets you form in Super Hoot Loot take into account the number of lines you want active (up to 40), the number of coins to be used for each one (1 to 5 coins) and their denomination, which is always $1. Those that can afford to max out all the options will find that they wager up to $200 each round.

Your reward, for playing this game, goes up to 2,000x, or $10,000. With the help of one of the wilds, it can double to $20,000.

Design and symbols

The easiest way to describe a game like Super Hoot Loot is to call it cute. It tries to appeal to kids as well, even though they don’t play this game. We all have a small kid inside though, and we still find games like these enjoyable and relaxing to play. The forest where the action takes place is visible behind the reels, the picture taken at night, when the owl is active. Various playing cards with flowers and fruits next to them are placed on the reels, along with the animal characters.

Symbols: Owl (wild), Logo (wild, 2,000x), Gold Vault (scatter), Eagle (500x), Bear (400x), Moose (350x), Fox (300x), Porcupine (200x), Ace (150x), King (125x), Queen (100x), Jack (100x) and Ten (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a cute looking game, it gives you plenty of chances to win each round and it has all the right features inside. I’d say it’s worthy of your time, even with the lower than average top jackpot.

The Super Hoot Loot slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.