The War Of The Worlds Slots

The-War-Of-The-WorldsThe War Of The Worlds is a game where you experience the action from a popular movie with the same name that was recently released for a second time. This time, the special effects were a lot better than in the original film. The action in the slot seems to focus on the original movie though, using a charming retro style for its design, with the tripod robots wrecking havoc, with a dark atmosphere and with rivers of blood on the streets of the cities.

This game is impressive not only because of its theme and design, but also because of the huge number of paylines included, 100 of them placed on just 5 reels. Feature wise it doesn’t do great, but it still manages to squeeze through a scatter, a wild that can expand and a bonus game. Payouts reach $15,000, not a bad value for money since you have so many active lines and chances to win. It was created by IGT, a company that has quite a few branded titles already.

Features of The War Of The Worlds

You will discover that the theme isn’t the only one that is a pleasure to experience, as the wild symbols are present, as do scatter symbols and bonus games.

The wild is easy to recognize, as it is marked as such, with the logo of the game appearing on the rest of the image. With the exception of the bonus scatter, the wild can take the place of any other symbol. When the wild is in a position where another would be needed to form a combination, it will take that role, substituting for the other symbol and giving you one prize that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Whenever you have two wild symbols on the same reel, they expand and the entire reel is covered by them. That can be very useful, though you shouldn’t expect it to happen too often.


Fighting Machines

The Fighting Machines scatter symbol is marked with the word Bonus, and as you might expect, it will get you in the bonus game. With just three randomly scattered symbols with Fighting Machines on them, you get access to it. In this bonus game, you are asked to defend mankind against the invasion of the Martians. There are three levels, and you can advance from one to the next by keeping all your cannons intact. You start at Horsell Common, then go to London, and finally to The Coast. Each level that you advance through brings bigger prizes compared to the previous one.


Betting options and jackpots

When you hear of 100 paylines, the first though might be that there are a lot of chances to win, but the second will probably be that it needs a lot of coins as well. That’s true in this case, up to 100 coins are needed for just as many paylines, but the individual denomination is not as high as you might expect. They start at $0.01 and can reach $3, so the bets will stop at $300.

A maximum of 5,000 coins are on the line in this game, where you get 100 chances each round to win them. The value will only go up to $15,000, but your chance of getting a prize is much better than in other slots.

Design and symbols

One of the most charming things about this game is the way the symbols were designed, using the retro look of the first movie as inspiration, but without looking as badly as they did in it. The images with the attacks look almost like paintings, and for the most part you will enjoy what you see on the screen. The red playing cards with black backgrounds might not look as good, but they are dark enough and seem like they belong there.

Symbols: Wild, Fighting Machine Bonus (bonus), Fighting Machine (5,000 coins), End of War (1,000 coins), Village in Blood (200 coins), Eagle (150 coins), Richard Burton (120 coins), Telescope (80 coins), Laser Cannon (60 coins), Missile (40 coins), Ace (60 coins), King (40 coins), Queen (30 coins) and Jack (25 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

You’re going to find that this slot gives you a lot of reasons to play it, the 100 paylines being among them, along with the various features and the payouts that you can get. The theme is obviously also a big part of the attraction, with science fiction and movie fans both having an interest in it.

The War of the Worlds

A novel written by H.G. Wells, which was first released in 1898, long before the time of science fiction movies, The War of the Worlds was quite popular at the time. It told the story of a man from Surrey, in the United Kingdom, that was witness to an invasion of Earth, done by the Martians. It has the merit of being one of the first novels to discuss a conflict situation between aliens and humans. The fist part dealt with the war and the arrival of the Martians, while the second part was about how Earth was with the aliens as the occupiers.

It was first turned into a film in 1953, and it looks like this is the movie that the slot is based on. Released by Paramount Pictures, the film starred Ann Robinson and Gene Barry, with the director being Byron Haskin.

The War Of The Worlds can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.