Three Reel Hold Up Slots

Three-Reel-Hold-UpIn Three Reel Hold Up, a pair or robbers are attacking a bank. The game includes more graphics than your regular classic slot, but that’s what it is in the end. The 3 reels of the game are placed on the main screen, right next to the robbers, while the police car is seen in the distance. The theme is not the part that is unusual, there are a lot of bank robbery themed slot machines out there, but the actual design is not as common. It doesn’t just tell you that it’s an old game, it screams it at you, with its graphics being quite bad when you compare it with modern titles. Do the comparison with other classic though, and it will appear to be above average.

A classic slot with a modern theme, Three Reel Hold Up was designed by IGT, a developer that decided to use 3 reels & 3 paylines in it. Jackpots of up to $1,000 are winnable inside, with a bonus game and a wild being the only ones that qualify as features.

Features of Three Reel Hold Up

Even though this is a 3 reel title, it manages to include two features, with at least one that is common in classic slots. I’m talking about the wild symbol, which gives you the top jackpot and at the same time it can be useful even when only one or two are on a payline. Thanks to its substitution ability, the wild can give you prizes in situations when they wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. That makes it the most useful symbol of Three Reel Hold Up.

The Bonus Bomb is the second feature icon. It appears on regular paylines, and when you have all three symbols present, you get the bonus game from it. During this bonus game, you see how the robbers are in a van with their loot. You pick an item and you get an instant reward from it.

Betting options and jackpots

Each of the three selectable paylines of the game can receive their own wagers, which range between 1 and 5 coins. The number of active lines or the denomination are not up for debate, with the former fixed at 3, the latter at $1. The number of coins can be modified though, so you can wager $1 to $5 per line, with the total betting range being $3 to $15.

The 200x prize that a combination of three wilds can give you will turn into $1,000, provided that you used all five coins per line.

Design and symbols

All the action in this game takes place on the same screen, with the reels being placed at the bottom, with the paytable in the middle and the logo area being at the top. Depending on the games with which you compare it too, it can be either very ugly (compared with modern designs) or a good looking title (compared with the first classic slots). The symbols are a mix of themed images and classic fruits.

Symbols: Police Lights (wild, 200x), Bonus Bomb (bonus), Purple Bandit (80x), Green Bandit (60x), Red Bandit (40x), Purple Money Bag (30x), Orange Money Bag (25x), Blue Money Bag (20x), Watermelon (12x), Plum (8x), Orange (3x), and Coin (2x).

Is It Worth Playing?

For a classic slot, it’s not that bad looking, as it shows that some effort went into it. However, if you try and compare it with a modern title, you’re not going to be as happy about it. Go for it if this is the kind of game you prefer, a 3 reel classic with some extra features and average betting requirements and payouts.

This Three Reel Hold Up slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.