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Transformers Battle For Cybertron Slots

Transformers-Battle-For-CybertronTransformers: Battle For Cybertron is a game created with the official blessing of the owners of the Transformers toys. Created by Hasbro, the Transformers line of toys has inspired multiple movies and they’ve all been high profile and very successful at the box office. The game tells the story of the home planet where the initial conflicts between the Autobots and the Decepticons took place. IGT created a game where the effects of war are visible on the planet, with the symbols showing off transformers from both sides of the conflict.

Battle for Cybertron comes with 5 reels and all the action takes place on 40 paylines. You can wager on them and expect to win up to $200,000. Among the features, there are the Mystery bonuses, the free games, multipliers, free spins, wilds and FreeFall symbols.

Features of Transformers Battle For Cybertron

The FreeFall feature does a lot to make the game enjoyable, along with the Mystery features, the wilds and the scatter symbols. That last one gets the free spins to trigger and they can bring some incredible multipliers with them.

The FreeFall symbols can bring you multiple winning combinations, while you pay only for the first spin. Whenever you have a winning combo, you first get paid, and then the symbols which were part of the wins will disappear. The now empty spaces get filled with new symbols, coming in from above. You once again get a chance to form combinations, with new prizes. The symbols will continue to fall off and bring you new wins, until no more combinations form.


The game has a Pink Power Source as the image for one of its most important symbols. This is the wild and it has the capability of substituting for all symbols of the slot, with the one exception being the scattered Cybertron.

Free Games Feature

The image of Cybertron is used for the bonus symbol. This is a scatter which needs to be present in at least three positions on the reels. It doesn’t matter on which reels or on what payline they appear, they just need to be present in the same round. You have to choose one of the four characters in order to get the free spins started.


Megatron will bring you only 5 spins for free, but with 8x to 10x multipliers. Optimus Prime has 8 spins for you, with 4x to 10x multipliers. Shockwave gives you 12 rounds for free, while the multipliers are 3x to 5x. Finally, there is Bumblebee, which has 15 free spins with prizes multiplied by 2x to 4x. The exact multiplier that is used will be determined at random each round.

Mystery Features

There are also some very cool features which trigger at random at the end of each spin, once the FreeFall symbols have done their job. Various transformers will destroy certain types of symbols and new ones will come take their place. For example, you might get wilds that come in and take the place of symbols which were destroyed.


If you get Optimus Prime, he will take out any Decepticon symbols which are present. Megatron will take out Autobot symbols. Grimlock will destroy symbols in random patterns. Shockwave will blow up symbols, also in random patterns. Ratchet is the one that can show up when two bonus symbols are already in place, triggering a third one and getting the free spins started.


Betting options and jackpots

One thing to keep in mind here is that you’re not just betting on paylines. You also have to wager in order to get the Mystery features, without having a say in the matter. The result is a wager of 60 coins, out of which 40 coins are used for the 40 paylines. Denominations are designed to appeal mostly to high rollers, varying between $1 and $50. As for the betting range, it’s between $60 and $3,000.

The game promises a 4,000x multiple as the top jackpot, which should mean $200,000 cash if you used $50 coins.

Design and symbols

The design is crowded, but it looks just like a Transformers themed game should be. There are Autobots and Decepticons on the reels, all the symbols being themed. Cybertron is visible behind the game area, a land devastated by the war between the two factions. If you’re a fan of the Transformers, you will get what you’re looking for from this slot in terms of design and experience.


Symbols: Power Source (wild), Cybertron Planet (bonus), Transformers Logo (4,000x), Optimus Prime (800x), Megatron (800x), Bumblebee (300x), Shockwave (300x), Autobots Logo (100x) and Decepticons Logo (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

As a fan of the Transformers world, you will enjoy the game and all its cool features. It also has top payouts of $200,000, so I suggest you give it a try if you can afford spinning its reels.

The Transformers Franchise

The action in Transformers has been explored in a number of movies that were released starting from 2007. The original Transformers were toys that were designed by Tomy and Hasbro. Though quite popular even before the movies, they become much more known worldwide as a result of the big budget productions created based on them. Two of the movies from the series grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

The action in the series revolves around two groups of alien robots that are fighting each other. We have the good robots (Autobots) and the bad ones (Decepticons), plus the humans that get in the middle.

This Transformers Battle For Cybertron slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.