Vegas, Baby! Slots

Vegas-Baby!“Vegas, Baby!” is, as you might expect, as slot machine that tries to bring to the players sitting at home a taste of the city of sin, Las Vegas. They say that what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, but here the developers have taken the fun and brought it to you. They’re not the first to try and do this, but I’d say they’re among the ones that did it best so far. You can actually see people having fun among the symbols, you can see a lot of lights, drinks and exotic dancers, many of the elements that make this city so much fun.

You’re going to find only 20 paylines on the 5 reels of the game, but the payouts are more generous than that, reaching $50,000 with the right symbols in place. Part of the fun is also the presence of the various free spins with multipliers, scatters and wilds. Its designer is a well known developer, called IGT.

Features of Vegas, Baby!

This slot seems to have a little bit of everything to give you, which is great, even though they might not bring anything new and exciting. You will discover the wild symbol with its multiplier and the scatter with its free spins, and that’s about it.

The game logo gets the biggest role there is in the game, which would be the wild of course. As it usually happens, the wild gets the power to replace other symbols and at the same time it can also create its own combinations, awarding prizes of its own. Its prizes are actually the best ones that the game can give to its players, with 50,000 coins given if the maximum wager is used and five wilds take over a payline. Whenever the wild helps other symbols create a combination, its 2x multiplier doubles their payout. A wild is not capable of substituting for the scatter symbol.


As for the scatter, it has the word Bonus on it, making it easy to recognize. You get two things out of a scatter symbol, and your rewards come from the total number of symbols present, not based on their location on the reels. With as few as two scatter symbols, you will get a cash prize, the minimum being 2x the triggering bet. Each additional scatter symbol that appears will increase the prize, with 100x the bet offered for five of them.

Fortune Free Spins Bonus

You might be able to get paid by the scatter with just two symbols, but for free spins a minimum of three need to be on the reels. The reward is a round with 15 free games, plus a 3x multiplier that triples all their prizes. There is even the possibility of retriggering the feature, with the same 3+ scatter symbols.

Betting options and jackpots

The wagers of up to $5 per line have become the norm these days, and since there are 20 lines in this case, they can reach a total value of $100. You might not have the option to change the number of lines, but the line bet does move in value, from $1 to $5.

While using the maximum bet, if you happen to get the wild symbol on all five positions of a payline, you will win the slot’s biggest prize, the equivalent of $50,000. The same combination will only bring you 10,000 coins if you haven’t used the biggest bet available.

Design and symbols

With lots of lights and vivid colors used everywhere, “Vegas, Baby!” will be a game that will remind you of the real Las Vegas. Some of the symbols might be playing cards, and not even themed, but that’s the only disadvantage I see. The rest are either images of the city and its various signs, or of things happening inside the casinos. The characters are dressed and drawn like they are from an older era, perhaps from the times when Las Vegas was just starting out. Overall, it’s a charming design that will be fun to experience if you’ve been to Las Vegas before.

Symbols: Logo (wild, 50,000 coins), Bonus Sign (scatter, 100x triggering bet), Stack of Chips (750 coins), Couple Gambling (750 coins), Wedding Chapel (400 coins), Showgirl (250 coins), Cocktails (250 coins), Ace (125 coins), King (100 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins), Ten (100 coins) and Nine (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Fans of Las Vegas will find in this game a nice reminder of how this great city can be, with booze, girls and gambling all being included among its graphics. It doesn’t hurt that it has some decent prizes to offer as well, especially if you can afford the maximum bet.

This Vegas, Baby! slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.