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Wheel of Fortune – Triple Action Frenzy Slots

Wheel-of-Fortune-Triple-Action-FrenzyWheel of Fortune – Triple Action Frenzy is the second attempt from IGT to approach this theme, and they seem to have done a much better job with its design this time. The theme is based on a popular game show from the United States, where players have to guess the words hiding on the board, just like you would in a game of Hangman. Once you guessed the correct word, you had to spin a wheel of fortune, to find out the prize.

With 5 reels and up to 15 active paylines on them, the game has some interesting symbols and features, meaning two wild symbols, multipliers, scatters and a bonus game. It’s a nice collection overall, with the top payout worth $5,000 being the one that probably interests you the most.

Features of Wheel of Fortune – Triple Action Frenzy

The features seem to be just as good as in the original, if not better, as this time you get two wilds instead of one, the new one coming with multipliers attached. Add the scatter symbol with bonus games that can be triggered by it and you get a good idea of what the slot has to offer.

The first of the wild symbols is the one that is a bit more boring. It’s your typical substitute for other symbols, capable of getting you a new combination formed, as long as its position on the board is the right one.


The second wild is the one that everyone will enjoy a lot more, and the reason for that is its multiplier. Unfortunately, you only get the Super Wild on the 3rd reel, but when it does appear and a combo forms with its assistance, you will get a multiplier of up to 5x. The prizes of the new combo will become that much more valuable. Neither wild can take the place of a bonus symbol. The way the multiplier of the wild works, is that it shows you five envelopes, and you pick the one that you want. The possibilities are 2x, 3x or 5x multipliers.

Triple Action Frenzy

The slot’s only bonus symbol is also a scatter. Whenever you discover that it appears at least three times in the game, it will activate the Triple Action Frenzy bonus game.

The bonus game starts with a series of puzzles that are color coded, placed in the screen’s bottom half. You get either wheel pointers or letters from each tile. You click on tiles, with the hope that the letters you find are present in as many positions as possible on the three puzzles found in the top half. The more letters you reveal, the bigger the multiplier offered for that particular puzzle. Once you get the wheel pointer symbol instead of a letter, you advance to the second level of the bonus game. Depending on the color of that pointer, one of the three puzzles is taken into account when it comes to the multiplier that will be used for the wheel of fortune. It can have one to three colors, so you can take advantage of all three wheels and get three prizes out of it.

Betting options and jackpots

Bets of $1 to $5 can be placed on each of the 15 lines offered by the slot, so you can end up with a $75 wager, if you can afford it. If not, you can take the bet to as little as $1 per line, with the option to activate only one of the fifteen paylines if you want to.

The reward, for players that use the biggest wager, is worth 1,000x, or up to $5,000. Now, you also have a wild symbol with multipliers in this slot, so there is the potential to go higher, up to $25,000 if luck is on your side.

Design and symbols

You can definitely see an improvement in the design of the game, compared with the one from the first title in the series. You no longer get a lot of gold, instead the predominant colors relying on shades of purple, a much better choice. It almost looks like a modern slot, while its predecessor was the kind of game you knew immediately that it was old and in bad need for an upgrade.

Symbols: Super Wild (wild), Wild (wild), Triple Action Bonus (scatter), Wheel of Fortune (1,000x), Sports Car (750x), Tropical Island (600x), Cruise Ship (450x), Red Contestant (300x), Orange Contestant (300x), Blue Contestant (300x), Watermelon (150x), Grape (125x), Orange (110x), Lemon (100x) and Cherries (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not a bad game to play, the graphics are better than in its predecessor and the payouts at least average if the right wild gets involved. It’s mostly for the fans of the game show though, as it doesn’t stand out enough to be a title that everyone should play.

Wheel of Fortune, The Original Show

Initially released in 1975, this game show has continued in one form or another to this day. The daytime series had a limited run, being cancelled after 16 years, but the nighttime syndicated version is still running more than three decades after it was first aired. Created by Merv Griffin, the show asked its contestants to guess the words hiding behind tiles, by calling out letters. Once the word was revealed, a wheel of fortune was used to determine the prize that the contestant would get.

More than 6,000 episodes of the game show were aired so far in its syndicated version, making it the game show that has run the longest in the US. More than 60 different countries got their own localized version of the game show, so chances are that most people know what Wheel of Fortune is about, even if they’re not in the United States.

Wheel of Fortune – Triple Action Frenzy can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.