Wheel of Fortune Slots

Wheel-of-FortuneWheel of Fortune is a game show themed game, designed by IGT, which gives the fans of the real TV series a chance to experience it for themselves. It remains a slot machine, but it also has inside a number of elements and bonus games that will allow its fans to have plenty of fun with it. The show’s aim is to get contestants to solve various word puzzles. Once they find out what the hidden word is, they spin a wheel of fortune and they find out what kind of prize they’ve won.

It not only looks like an old game, it plays the part of one as well, using a very limited number of paylines, only 5 of them placed on the 5 reels. You obviously can’t expect a lot of chances to win in a game like this, but the top jackpot has at least been brought to generous levels, with $125,000 up for grabs. You’re also going to discover that scatters and wilds are both in the game, with the bonus game being the one that actually is themed around the game show.

Features of Wheel of Fortune

With its themed bonus games, wild symbols and scatters, Wheel of Fortune is the kind of game you expect to play since it’s themed around a real TV game show. It has the right look and also the right bonus games, to at least remind you of it.

The image of the game’s screen, with the letters of the word WILD revealed on it, acts as the wild symbol of Wheel of Fortune. You can expect it to give away the best prizes that are available in it, plus it can also act as the usual substitute and hopefully be the one to trigger a new combination. It doesn’t substitute for the other special symbols, which are bonus or scatters.


From time to time, you will notice a special symbol appearing, a scatter marked Bonus Jackpot, with a number written underneath. There are three types of symbols that you will find. One has a number with a red background, the number being worth twice the triggering bet. The second one has an orange background, with the value of the triggering bet on it. Finally, you will also get a yellow background symbol, with the triggering bet being the value seen on it. Each of these three bonus symbols adds the amount written on it to a different part of the jackpot accumulator. Three to five symbols of this type will give you fixed prizes, while the jackpots are won during the bonus game.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus

The symbol with the Wheel of Fortune on it is the one that is used to trigger the bonus game. The symbols need to be on the same active payline, so they’re not scatters. You need three and that will get you the bonus game.

The feature has multiple rounds that you go through, each time getting a chance to win a prize or to go bankrupt. The more you advance, the bigger the chance of losing all your money, with additional bankrupt symbols added to the reel. You are allowed to collect your winnings at any time, so you don’t have to risk your money if you don’t want to.

Betting options and jackpots

The line wager starts at only $0.10, but you can quickly increase its value up to $10. Since only 5 lines are available, the bet will go only up to $50 in value. Selecting fewer paylines is possible, just like you can change the coin denomination.

The game will give you up to 12,500 credits if you get the right combination on its reels, meaning a jackpot worth $125,000 that is especially nice since you only bet $50 per spin. The wild is one of the symbols that gives away this prize, the second one being the Wheel of Fortune symbol. Both symbols need to appear five times on a payline to trigger the jackpot.

Design and symbols

There is a lot of gold used in the design of this game, and it seems excessive unfortunately. From the color of the logo, to the gold plated decorations that are around the reels or the colors included in many of the symbols, gold is a very big part of the game. It seems somewhat tacky and you can add to that the age of the game, which seems to be on the older side.

Symbols: Wild Board (wild, 12,500x), Bonus Jackpot (bonus), Wheel of Fortune Bonus (bonus), Logo (12,500x), Tropical Island (1,200x), Cruise Ship (1,000x), Diamond Ring (750x), Three Gold Bars (450x), Two Gold Bars (300x) and One Gold Bar (150x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say so, but only if you don’t mind its dated graphics and its rather low chances of offering a payout. Its 5 paylines and dated design have their drawbacks, but if you can get passed them you will enjoy it. A fan of the game show should at least spin its reels a few times, you might just get the bonus game.

Wheel of Fortune, the Game Show

Wheel of Fortune is the name of a game show that was launched in the United States originally, a TV series that serves as a competition for a number of contestants that try to solve the answer to word puzzles. Similar in a way to the game of Hangman (without the hangman), Wheel of Fortune rewards players that guess the correct word by giving them access to a wheel of fortune, where chance determines what kind of prize they will walk away with.

The creator of the show is Merv Griffin. The game show has been launched in 1975, and with a small period where it was off the air in 1989, it kept going until 1991. The daily version of the show might have been cancelled at that time, but the nightly syndicated game show has kept going, being launched in 1983 and being on the air even today.

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.