Wild Wolf Slots

Wild-WolfWild Wolf has a strong Native American influence in its design, the nature spirits being a big part of the culture of the people that were alone on the North American continent at one time. You will find not only the various types of wolves among its symbols, but also the wolf totem, feathers and handmade necklaces, all quite easy to recognize as being created by Native American tribes. It’s not the first game to give its players a Native American motif, not even the first one to be about wolves, but it manages to show its players a good time nonetheless.

You can expect to find 50 paylines on the 5 reels of Wild Wolf, making this a game where the player has quite a few chances to win its big prize, but which also has smaller payouts than its competitors. IGT used jackpots of up to $1,000 here, while the features are a combo of free games, scatter symbols and wilds.

Features of Wild Wolf

The wild symbol, the scatter and the bonus game with free spins are all elements that are available in hundreds of other slot machines, so I’m not terribly impressed by the game’s features.

To start with, we have the wild, with the full moon image and the silhouette of a wolf that is howling at it. As a wild, you can expect this symbol to sometimes assist in the formation of paying combinations, as long as its position on the reels allows it to participate. What that means is that you need the rest of the matching symbols to be already in place, in order for the wild to substitute for one of them. If you happen to get multiple wild symbols on an active payline, the result will be its own payout being awarded, which happens to be the top jackpot.

Next, we get the Bonus symbol, which is actually a scatter that has the image of a Dreamcatcher on it. With only three of these symbols, appearing in any random position, you get your own prize, worth 2x the triggering bet, plus a round of 5 free spins. Only three reels can get the Bonus scatter on them (reels 2 to 4), so you need all of them to have it in order to activate its feature. You can retrigger the free spins, if you have the same three reels with scatter symbols on them.


Betting options and jackpots

Though you can change the number of lines that are active as you see fit, the same can’t be said about the value of the coins that are used in each case. You get $1 coins at all times, with one coin per line. Selecting 1 to 50 paylines will result in bets of $1 to $50.

It’s not a big amount to use in a bet when so many paylines are involved, but the top jackpot isn’t worth much as a result, $1,000 being its value.

Design and symbols

Nature tends to be a big part of Native American themed slot machines, but it’s especially important in games such as this one, where one of the best predators is in the center of the attention. The wolf is easily visible in multiple symbols, looking quite dangerous in each case. A forest is placed right behind the reels, with the red sky visible at the top, a fitting background picture.

Symbols: Howling Wolf (wild, 1,000 coins), Dreamcatcher Bonus (scatter), Black Wolf (500 coins), Brown Wolf (500 coins), Wolf Totem (250 coins), Wolf Statue (250 coins), Ace (150 coins), King (150 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins), Ten (100 coins) and Nine (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Fans of this kind of theme will find that they have two slots to choose from, this one and Wolf Run, both quite similar when it comes to the design. Wild Wolf is the one that pays less though, so I’d go with the other slot.

Wild Wolf can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.