X Factor Steps to Stardom Slots

X-Factor-Steps-to-StardomWith this slot machine, IGT gives players a chance to experience a little bit of what makes “The X Factor” special. This popular TV show got a lot of attention in the UK, with versions for the US and other countries also appearing later on. The game doesn’t exactly give you the full X Factor experience, since it doesn’t have real photos of any of the judges or even of contestants.

20 bet lines come with this game, the support being offered by the usual 5 reels. The big prize will go up to $18,750, while the features will bring you free spins, scatter symbols and bonus games.

Features of X Factor Steps to Stardom

The slot’s features revolve around its scatter symbols and the chance they give you to go through bonus games which are built around the X Factor show.

A couple of scatter symbols are part of the slot’s paytable, including one where you can see the Audience, and another where the Judges Bonus is shown.

Judges Bonus Game

Since the action here revolves around the show’s judges, you obviously need the Judges scatter symbol to trigger it. This symbol can appear on all the reels of the game, and you will need it on at least three of them in order for the feature to be triggered. Additional Judge scatters improve the value of the prizes you can potentially get inside.


You go through each judge, which will tell you Yes or No, depending on what he thinks of your performance. If it’s a Yes, you go to the next judge with double the bonus award. A No vote cancels the bonus prize and finishes the feature. You are allowed to collect your winnings at each step, or to try and double it, while risking to lose it.

Boot Camp Free Games

The other scatter symbol offered by the game is the one with the Audience on it. Once again, 3, 4 or 5 such symbols will trigger the Boot Camp feature, if they’re present at the same time on the reels. You will win between 5 and 15 free games whenever this happens.

These free games come with an extra symbol with a Star on it. You collect these stars whenever they appear, the aim being to get 10 of these during the free spins. If this happens, you go to the next feature, the Live Final.

The Boot Camp feature has a different set of symbols and it pays a lot better, up to five times better than what the base game can offer.

Betting options and jackpots

The game doesn’t ask for much if you just want to enjoy the action, the bet going to as little as $0.01 for a single active line. However, if you want the big prizes as well, you’re going to get as close as possible to the maximum line bet of $3.75, while also activating all the lines of the slot. The total bet can go up to $75 per round this way.

The top rewards will offer you up to 5,000 coins, with a maximum value of $18,750.

Design and symbols

The glamour of The X Factor seems to bleed into this game as well, and it actually looks like a modern slot machine which is inspired by an equally modern TV show. You have the stage lights and the audience behind the game area, with a mix of red and black that is very attractive. There are also various symbols with logos from The X Factor, with some contestants in cartoon form and things like microphones or numbers.


Symbols: Audience (scatter), Judges bonus (scatter), Microphone (5,000 coins), CD (1,00 coins), Ticket (500 coins), Speakers (400 coins), Game Logo (250 coins), Male Singer (160 coins), Singer (80 coins) and Female Singer (50 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The audience of the slot machine is quite clear, taking its players from the ranks of the show’s fans. It does well enough, especially with those features making it more interesting, but it also has good prizes if you can get to the Bootcamp part of the slot.

The X Factor, TV Show

The original X Factor show started out in United Kingdom, its creator being Simon Cowell. It became a franchise with shows localized for dozens of countries around the world, the United States, Spain, France, Germany and many others being among them. The show tries to find the stars of tomorrow, looking for a certain something that makes them worthy of being promoted by the show. It’s a show for singers, which can get a contract if they are winners of the season.

X Factor Steps to Stardom can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.