Zodiac Supernova Slots

Zodiac-SupernovaThe inspiration for Zodiac Supernova came from the signs of the zodiac, the ones that people attribute almost supernatural abilities to. IGT offers inside symbols with the twelve zodiac signs, the ones that govern all the days of the year, a period of around 30-31 days being assigned to each one. It’s not an uncommon theme choice, but it’s not one of the hugely popular ones either.

Though it doesn’t have too many features, Zodiac Supernova manages to offer you one that is very interesting, being called Exploding Reels. The action will take place on 5 reels and 25 lines. As for the big prizes you’re looking forward to, they can go as high as $25,000.

Features of Zodiac Supernova

The only major feature which this game seems to offer is called Exploding Reels, and it’s quite similar to the ones found in other slots under names like Avalanche, Tumbling Reels and so on.

The way this feature works is by making symbols explode. The ones affected are the symbols which are part of winning combinations that round. Empty spots will be left behind these exploding symbols, so new ones will fall from above to occupy them. New combinations can form at this point, thanks to the new symbols that have been placed on the reels. If this is the case, the new combinations explode once again after the player gets his money. The explosions and the arrival of new symbols can keep happening until there are no new combos formed. The feature is useful because it can bring the player lots of wins with a single paid spin.

Betting options and jackpots

The line bet can be anywhere between $0.01 and $5, making it approachable for everyone that wants to try out this game. It can be expensive though, especially if you both use all the lines and you max out the denominations. In that case, for a bet on 25 lines you can spend as much as $125, and that’s for a single spin.

The rewards tend to be on the high side, but at 5,000x they’re not the best returns you could have. It does get better though, the slot having three different symbols that can offer the top jackpot with their combinations. The actual cash value will go up to $25,000 at best.

Design and symbols

The zodiac theme is visible in the design of the reels, in its symbols and even in the background image, which has the universe to show you, with lots of stars and constellations visible. The symbols are the twelve images of the zodiac signs, plus three playing cards. The reels have two pillars on the sides, plus a beam at the top which is covered with the Greek letters which represent the signs.


Symbols: Leo (5,000 coins), Virgo (5,000 coins), Aries (5,000 coins), Taurus (2,000 coins), Capricorn (2,000 coins), Gemini (2,000 coins), Sagittarius (500 coins), Libra (500 coins), Aquarius (500 coins), Cancer (125 coins), Pisces (125 coins), Scorpio (125 coins), Ace (75 coins), King (75 coins) and Queen (75 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not your usual slot machine, offering the usual number of lines but reducing the number of features considerably. I did enjoy seeing that there are about three types of combinations that will bring you the top jackpot, plus the fact that you can get more winning combinations with fewer spins if the Exploding Reels feature gets involved.

You will find Zodiac Supernova at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.