Around the World Slots

Around-the-WorldAround the World seems like a game that took inspiration directly from Jules Verne’s novel with a very similar name. It doesn’t mention the 80 Days part exactly, but the action in the game seems to take place in 19th century, with two heroes being shown in a balloon at one point, one of them being the gentleman, the other a servant. All kinds of transportation means are placed in the symbols, all of them normal for that time period. It’s a great theme if you love adventure, as that’s exactly what Around the World offers you.

This gorgeous game has 5 reels, as you might expect, with a just as average a number of lines, at 20. The game has a couple of very interesting features, including two different wilds, both with prizes to offer, plus a scatter symbol and a bonus game. The $100,000 jackpot should be another good reason to give this slot a chance.

Features of Around the World

Around the World has two separate wild symbols, one of which has a multiplier to double prizes with. There is also the scatter symbol, which offers cash prizes and some very unusual multipliers that we’re going to talk more about below.

The more important wild symbol would obviously be the one with bigger prizes and multipliers. The gentleman is the one that is used for this particular symbol, appearing on all the reels and being used as a wild symbol. It can substitute for any other symbol, as long as it’s not another wild, scatter or bonus symbol. This particular wild comes with a 2x multiplier for the prizes it contributes to, plus it has its own prizes of up to 10,000x to offer when up to five of them are on the same active line.

The second wild is with the logo on it, and it can also award prizes, only in this case they go up to 5,000x only. It doesn’t have the multiplier, but other than that it works the same as the previous wild.

The one feature that feels a bit unusual here is the scatter symbol. Using the image of a compass on it, the symbol can have a different direction to which it points. Depending on the needle direction from the compass, you can get a multiplier from it. You need them to point north, in order to get better prizes. The biggest payout is offered for five scattered Compasses, all of them pointing North, in which case you get 800 times the wager.

Bonus Game

This particular feature gets started when the Globe symbol appears on a payline, with 3+ icons of this type. In exchange, you get a bonus game and you are taken to a new screen, where four routes are displayed. You get a prize that you can choose to keep, or you can use half of it to wager on the bonus game, or you can wager the whole thing. You pick various routes, and you advance towards your goal. You can lose the money you wagered, or you can win a much bigger payout.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting range of Around the World is between $0.01 and $200. At the lower end, you can use a single coin of $0.01 to activate only one line. At the high end, you activate all 20 lines and you use the maximum of 10 coins for each one, their value going to $1 in each case.

The 10,000x reward that the game promises through one of the wild symbols is going to put up to $100,00 in your pocket, while the second wild gives you up to $50,000. The biggest possible reward comes from the scatter symbol though, which can award up to 800 times the total bet, or $160,000.

Design and symbols

The design is gorgeous. It looks like a true Victorian themed slot machine, it has images of all the major landmarks of the world put together in the background (Sphinx, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, etc) and the symbols are mostly drawn by hand and I love how each one looks. From steam ships, to steam strains, elephants, camels or hot air balloons, there are a lot of different means of transportation mentioned in the slot’s symbols.

Symbols: Gentleman (10,000x, wild), Logo of Game (5,000x, wild), Compass (800x bet, scatter), Globe (bonus), Airplane (300x), Hot Air Balloon (200x), Steam Ship (150x), Steam Train (125x), Sail Ship (100x), Elephant (75x) and Camel (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s one of those games that you shouldn’t be missing out on, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re a fan of travel or of adventure games in general. It’s an interesting slot machine either way.

You will find Around the World at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.