Asian Beauty Slots

Asian-BeautyAsian Beauty seems to be a game taken directly out of a fashion show, though one destined for Oriental women. It has a bit of a Chinese theme as well, many of the things visible on the reels being found in other slot machines of this type. The game was created by the developers from Microgaming and you will find it to be a very appealing option, both visually and when it comes to the features that were added to it.

With 243 ways to win and 5 reels, Asian Beauty doesn’t seem like a typical slot machine, though feature wise it does belong in that category, using free spins, bonus games, scatters and wild symbols. The $10,000 top jackpot might not sound like an impressive reason to play the game, but there are 243 ways you can get it each round.

Features of Asian Beauty

The ways to win system is one of the things that will jump out at you, but there are also more typical features, like the wild symbol, a bonus game, a scatter symbol or the free spins which have multipliers.

First of all, the ways to win system. A total of 243 ways to win, or paylines as they might be called in most slots, are available. The reason for this large number is the fact that symbols don’t have to appear on preestablished patterns, instead being neighbors and on different reels. As long as a corner or a side of the symbol touches with the next, they’re part of the same combo.

The Asian Beauty Logo gets one of the main roles in the game, the one that allows it to act as the wild feature. It’s a relatively simple wild, appearing on all the reels but doing it as a regular feature, without anything truly special about it. It can substitute for the other symbols, the exception being as usual the scatter, and it can create its own two to five symbol combinations. Its offer is that of the top jackpot when all five wilds appear.

Second, we have the scatter symbol, which in this case is represented by the image of a jewelry box, handsomely decorated and with a golden lock in front. Even though the ways to win system already makes it easier for a combo to be formed, the scatter does it by appearing on random reels, without them having to be next to each other. You get prizes for three to five scattered Boxes, and the reward will be a multiple of the total bet between 5x and 100x.

Free Games Feature

In addition to the usual prizes, scatters also trigger free spins in this slot. You can win 10 spins for three scatters, 15 for four or 25 for five. All payouts are worth twice as much as usual for the duration of the free games round.


Mirror Bonus Game

A bonus game is included in Asian Beauty, but it’s the kind that is generated at random, so it’s not triggered by symbols. I’m not a fan, as you get the feeling that you lose even the small amount of imaginary control that you think you have.


If you do get it, you will be taken to a screen with 12 mirrors on it. You pick mirrors until you get three identical beauties from them. Each beauty has its own prize to offer, and you can see the bet multiplier underneath each lady, on the two sides of the mirror area.


Betting options and jackpots

You can wager up to $5 per line, the game using the equivalent of just 30 lines when betting is done, even though it has 243 of them present. These line wagers consist of up to 10 coins, their denominations going from $0.01 to $0.50. As for the total bet, it goes up to $150 per spin.

You can get 2,000x the line bet, or up to 20,000 coins in Asian Beauty. It means a maximum of $10,000 cash for you.

Design and symbols

The design would be one of the most impressive things about this slot machine. There are plenty of Chinese themed images among them, but there are the elegant Asian women as well, and they truly seem like beauties that would deserve their own game. The rest of the game is just as elegant as them though, which applies even to the background picture, with its cherry trees and landscapes with Asian towers in them.

Symbols: Game Logo (wild, 2,000x), Treasure Chest (scatter, 100x bet), Purple Girl (200x), Yellow Girl (200x), Blue Girl (200x), Red Girl (200x), Gold (75x), Silver (75x), Cherry Tree (75x) and Lotus (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a gorgeous slot machine, and one of the many with a Chinese theme, though it has its own twist in this case. The ways to win, the features and the design would be the things that will keep you playing, while the top jackpot is going to be the one that disappoints.

Asian Beauty can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.