Astronomical Slots

AstronomicalAstronomical is exactly what it sounds like, a slot machine themed around celestial bodies, with stars and planets being at the center of the action. This being a classic themed slot machine, it doesn’t offer you the best graphics, which is something you would normally expect from any title that has space and planets as a focus. The designer of Astronomical is called Microgaming, one of the industry’s most successful and prolific developers.

This is a relatively common slot machine, using its 3 reels & 1 line to hold mostly regular symbols, plus one feature which is a wild that has a multiplier. The $40,000 jackpot is quite good though, so the game should be worth at least a look.

Features of Astronomical

Most slot machines with a classic layout will choose to stay closer to the original titles, which don’t have anything like a wild or a multiplier to offer. However, Astronomical decided to go the other way, including both features in the form of one symbol, the Astronomical Logo.

Whenever you see one or two Logos on the only payline of the slot, you can expect it to try and help you create a new combination. If it succeeds, the wild multiplies the payout by 2x if only one Logo was part of it, while two of them will pool their forces together and multiply the payout by 4x.

Since the same Logo symbol awards the top jackpot with three of them on the payline, the multiplier doesn’t apply to the biggest prize available in this slot.

Betting options and jackpots

As is often the case in 3 reel titles that have 1 line, the wager permits the player to use up to 3 coins. Each of these coins get a value of up to $5, so the total bet gets up to $15.

There are payouts of up to 8,000 coins that are offered in Astronomical, as long as you used 3 coins in your bet and you got three symbols with the Game Logo on the payline. That payout is worth up to $40,000, to the player that used $5 coins.

Design and symbols

The design could’ve been considerably better. You get on the slot’s reels both classic symbols and others that have a bit of a connection to the theme. The actual quality of the design isn’t great though, and you will get more of a retro feeling from this title. The star filled area of space shown behind the game area isn’t exactly impressive either, looking more like white dots on a black background.

Symbols: Game Logo (8,000 coins, wild), Ring Planet (900 coins), Three Bar (300 coins), Two Bar (150 coins), One Bar (60 coins) and Cherry (6 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

For the most part it doesn’t stand out in a major way, in the sea of classic slots already on the market. The astronomy connection might be the deciding factor for some, while others will appreciate the fact that the multipliers of the wilds go up to 4x.

Astronomical can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.