Bars And Stripes Slots

Bars-And-StripesBars and Stripes is an all American game, a Microgaming slot machine with a very patriotic message to send, but which also uses bars of gold among its symbols, so you kind’ off get the best of both worlds if you give it a chance. The connection with the United States is unmistakable, not just because you get the US flag in the background, but because there are things like the Statue of Liberty, or a hot dog that is placed on a paper with the US flag on it. They’re definitely not subtle about the theme they tried here.

This 5 reels game, with a very patriotic looking theme, will have up to 25 active lines in every spin. A bonus game, a scatter symbol and a wild with a multiplier, these are the main features offered by it. Up to 50,000 coins, or $50,000, can be won while playing it.

Features of Bars And Stripes

A bonus game is one of the features the game tries to tempt you with, along with its scatter symbol or the wild symbol and the multiplier it can apply to new combinations.

The Bars & Stripes Logo is seen often enough in the game, in one of two circumstances. It can create combinations like any regular symbol, offering the jackpot of 5,000 while doing so with all its symbols, but with a minimum requirement of just two symbols where 10 coins are awarded. The other times you will see it, the wild will be on its own, appearing on the reels and in different combinations, trying each time to help another combo be formed by substituting for a missing symbol. If it does succeed, it will multiply the payout offered by that combo by 2x.

The American football ball is themed with the US flag as well, and it is used as a scatter feature. The only thing it does is show up in random locations, and if you have at least three of them appearing this way you get a prize in return. These prizes go from 2x to 200x the bet value, depending on how many scatters there are (three to five possible).

Bonus Game

A bonus hat symbol, also with the US flag as its theme, is the game’s bonus symbol. You get three to five Hats on the reels in order to trigger this feature, and then you are asked to click on up to three hats and get your random prizes this way. The most you can win from this feature is 47,500 coins.


Betting options and jackpots

The betting system is used in a lot of other games, where the 25 lines are activated as needed, with wagers for each of them being between 1 and 10 coins. These coins are at $0.01 to $1 each one, so the line bets get up to $10, while the total is $250.

The wild symbol offers the best payout, of 5,000 times the line bet. That means 50,000 coins, or just as many dollars ($50,000). You can also win $50,000 with the scatter symbol’s help, or $47,500 through the bonus game.

Design and symbols

I’ve counted about eight different symbols that incorporate the United States flag in them, one way or another, so there is absolutely no question about the theme of the slot. The only symbol that can be attributed to a lot of other nations as well would be the one with the three bars of gold. Despite the heavy use of the flag motif, you’re not going to necessarily get tired quickly of the design. The symbols are all very well drawn and I’ve enjoyed playing the game.

Symbols: Logo (5,000x, wild), Football (200x bet, scatter), Hat (bonus), American Eagle (600x), Statue of Liberty (400x), US Flag (300x), Flag Themed 7 (200x), Gold Bars (100x), Stuffed Turkey (75x), Apple Pie (60x), Hamburger and Fries (50x), Hot Dog (30x), Beer (25x) and Oreo (20x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d play it because of the prizes and the features, but US players have an extra reason to try it out. Play it on the 4th of July, or any other time when you’re feeling patriotic.

Bars And Stripes can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.