Bingo Bango Boom! Slots

Bingo-Bango-Boom!Bingo Bango Boom is a bingo themed slot machine, one of the few such titles to appear in the classic category, among the slots with 3 reels. Being a classic, Microgaming introduced in it plenty of older symbols, but the bingo theme is there as well, along with an interesting bonus game that you can play. It’s far from impressive graphics wise, but more on that below.

With 3 reels available, it’s no surprise that only 1 win line is provided on them. It’s a typical classic slot layout, though the features consist in all kinds of bonus games that are definitely not standard. A $5,000 top jackpot is awarded in the best case scenario.

Features of Bingo Bango Boom!

A very interesting bonus feature is available in the game, but it’s the only one offered by Microgaming. You activate the bonus feature with the help of the eight bingo balls that are placed underneath the reels. If all of them are lit up, with the help of the symbols which appear on the reels, then you win one of the 15 different types of bonus games that are part of Bingo Bango Boom. They’re not that different, each one giving you either win spins, nudges or some bonus spins.


Betting options and jackpots

It’s one of the few games that don’t ask for multiple coins to be used for a single payline. You have only one coin to work with, and its value is also the total bet. It varies between $0.10 and $10.

A 500x top prize can be won inside, and for you that can mean up to $5,000, if you used the maximum $10 coin.

Design and symbols

It’s a very bright design, with yellow being the predominant color, along with some shades of blue. There are stars, bingo balls, the symbols from the paytable, the logo and the reels, all crammed into the same game screen. It might be a bit too much for some players, especially since it’s not a great design in the first place, but fans of bingo might appreciate it anyway.

Symbols: Game Logo (500x), Watermelon (50x), Triple Seven (30x), Plums (16x), Bar (10x), Oranges (8x), Lemons (4x) and Cherries (2x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The design might fool you, but the slot is actually interesting, the bonus games being the ones that make the difference in this case.

You will find Bingo Bango Boom! at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.