Captain Cash Slots

Captain-CashCaptain Cash is a classic slot machine, but it has a few things that set it apart from many of its competitors. For one thing, it’s themed around a character that is captain of a speedboat, and he is shown as he’s driving it, with a cocktail in one hand. Among the symbols, the same guy is shown holding a wad of cash, a much better look for him as far as I’m concerned. The theme is the one thing that is different about this slot, which Microgaming created.

3 reels are provided in Captain Cash, with 5 paylines on them, with up to $25,000 in prizes and with only a wild symbol as the single feature.

Features of Captain Cash

The one feature that Captain Cash introduces is the wild symbol, with the main character being the one that models for it. Whenever this symbol appears on the payline, it tries to substitute for another symbol, and if there are matching symbols on the rest of the line, it will be able to do it. If two wilds are on that line, no matter what the third symbol present might be, it will influence what combo will be formed.

The wild is also the one that gives away the slot’s most generous prizes, but for that to happen you need all three positions to be occupied by it.

Betting options and jackpots

With 5 lines for you to activate, you can use up to 5 coins to activate them all. The coins will have a top value of $5, while the minimum is $0.25. If you decide to activate all the lines, you have to use 5 coins, and their maximum combined value is $25.

Different paylines will result in different prizes offered in Captain Cash, with the lowest one coming from payline 1, while the highest one is offered on payline 5. It goes up to 5,000 coins, or $25,000.

Design and symbols

The Captain Cash character is the one that makes all the difference in the world, with the background image also being different from those offered by other classic slot machines. The reels are simple though, plus apart from the wild Captain Cash you get only classic bar symbols. I’d say it still manages to be better than most 3 reel slots though.

Symbols: Captain Cash (5,000 coins, wild), Red 7 (80 coins), Three Bar (60 coins), Two Bar (40 coins) and One Bar (10 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The fun theme is the one that would convince me to try this game out, but in all the other areas it is identical to many other slot machines.

You will find Captain Cash at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.