Cash ‘n’ Curry Slots

Cash-'n'-CurryIn Cash ‘n’ Curry, players will find a Microgaming slot machine, which might look like a simple classic at first, but which you will discover that it has enough cool features to make it worth your while. The spiciness of the curry is what the game is built around in this case. The action takes place in some kind of restaurant, where you test your ability to withstand spicy food, and you get rewarded in the process.

The game’s 3 reels have a single payline on them. The features are quite rich, with a bonus game available that includes multiple rounds. The jackpot is not as impressive though, going up to $5,000.

Features of Cash ‘n’ Curry

Normally, you play the game as you would any other, and you get regular combinations on the middle payline, the only one normally available. However, at times you will discover that the symbols have small bowls of curry next to them. You need to form certain combinations of three curry bowls, in order to trigger the bonus game of this slot machine. They can be yellow, green or red in color, and the paytable shows you how they need to be arranged in order for the feature to start up.

The bonus game is a mix between a boardgame and a challenge to try out as much spicy food as you can. There is a beer mug on the left side, which will empty in time, and which shows you the Coolant Level. In order to keep yourself in the game, you need this coolant, so you have to land on the boardgame in places where you have extra coolant.

As you advance on the trail of the boardgame, you will find bonuses, traps that can make you lose, increases in the Spice-O-Meter, Multi Balti, Chicken Ticker, Turbo Boost, and so on. These are all bonus games that you can get along the way, providing you with cash prizes, free spins, multipliers, etc.

In the middle of the screen is a wheel of fortune, which can get you 500 times the bet, or a Super Jackpot. The Curry-go-round feature is the one you have to unlock in order to get this prize.

Betting options and jackpots

You don’t get the option to use multiple coins, only one being used for the single payline offered inside. You do get the option to change the denomination, the range being between $0.10 and $10.

Top payouts of 500x the bet are offered in the base game, so up to $5,000 can be won.

Design and symbols

The design is not exactly beautiful or awe inspiring, but it will do, especially since the list of features is so rich. The reels are literraly surrounded on all sides by information that will tell you about the prizes you can take home, and about how you can unlock the bonus features of Cash ‘n’ Curry. There is a purple background with decorations on it, which occupies a very large part of the screen, and the fire element is present in more than a few places, trying to suggest the spicy part.

Symbols: Diamond Ring (500x), Watermelon (80x), Lime (40x), Double Bar (20x), Beer Glass (10x), Single Bar (8x), Chili Peppers (6x), Green 7 (4x) and Bread (2x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The features are the best part, and I recommend the game mostly because of the bonus game and its boardgame style action. The graphics are dated, the payouts aren’t that high, but the bonus features make all the difference in the world.

This Cash ‘n’ Curry slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.