CashSplash 3-Reel Slots

CashSplash-3-ReelCashSplash 3-Reel is the first of the two games with this title, the second one being called 5-Reel. Microgaming created this slot machine, where the action simply focuses on money, and nothing else. The game actually offers a progressive jackpot, which shows you how serious it is about it, plus it has a combination of graphics that are mostly classic inspired, but which have some riches as well, with gold coins appearing in the main symbol and the logo area.

As a 3 reel game, it has only 1 payline, and that’s normal for it. The presence of wild symbols and multipliers is also quite normal, but the thing that’s special is the progressive jackpot that it awards. It also has its own payouts of up to $1,600.

Features of CashSplash 3-Reel Slots

Pretty much all the power is concentrated in a single symbol, which acts as a wild, multiplies payouts of new combinations and awards the progressive jackpot.

This symbol is the Cash Splash Logo, serving as the wild feature of the game. Now, the best situation would actually be the one where the line has so many wilds (3), that they don’t get a chance to act as substitutes, forming their own combo instead. If all three coins are used, that combo of three Logos will award you the progressive jackpot.

If you get only one or two wilds, they will try to help you create other combinations instead, but they will not stop there. They also apply a multiplier of 2x to new prizes when a single wild helps out, or 4x when two of them are on that payline.

Betting options and jackpots

The game’s betting system uses 1 to 3 coins, but their value is always at $1, so the denomination isn’t customizable. The bets vary between $1 and $3.

I wouldn’t recommend using anything less than 3 coins in this game. That’s how many coins are needed to give you that progressive jackpot, which can be worth anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000+.

Design and symbols

The design is pleasant, even though with the exception of the wild the same symbols have been used in hundreds of other slot machines already. The thing that saves it is the rich design of the wild symbol and the logo area, together with the good choice of colors, so nothing clashes on the screen. The thing that will get your attention will be the progressive jackpot display, shown at the top of the reels.

Symbols: CashSplash Logo (progressive jackpot, wild), Seven (300 coins), Three Bars (150 coins), Two Bars (75 coins), Cherries (60 coins) and One Bar (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, it really is. It only needs $3, and it can give you a progressive jackpot in the five or even six figure range. It even has a couple of good features inside, and the design isn’t that bad either.

You will find CashSplash 3-Reel at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.