Castle Builder Slots

Castle-BuilderCastle Builder, a modern slot machine from Microgaming, offers a different experience, one where you are asked to build castles for the daughters of various kings, and once they’re done you get paid. The building aspect is one part of the game which makes it different, but the design quality is also a big part of why I like it. Medieval themed slots are not uncommon, but this one is in almost a different category thanks to the building aspect.

Only 15 lines are used in Castle Builder, a game with great graphics and with wild symbols and bonus features which actually involve the construction of a castle. The slot’s combinations will provide you with payouts of up to $20,000.

Features of Castle Builder

Two types of features dominate this game, the wild symbol and the building aspect, which is ongoing.

The Master Builder would be the wild symbol in this case, and it’s capable of offering huge prizes of up to 20,000x when enough of them take over a payline. As a wild, the symbol is useful every single time a regular symbol is involved, as it can substitute for it. Building symbols are not replaceable with wilds.

Building Symbols

These are the symbols that you collect in order to create castles out of them. You have the standard construction materials, and you also have bronze, silver and gold. In order for the castle’s construction to advance, you need to get two to five building materials on the same line, going from left to right. If you manage to collect high value materials, you get a castle of a higher value.


Royal Wedding

Complete the castle that is required of you, and the heir of the king will move in. She will pick one of the three admirers that want her hand, and then the wedding will take place. The richer the guy that you end up choosing, the bigger your prize.


The Kingdoms

Three different kings will ask you to build castles for their daughters. Each one has multiple daughters, and they all want better castles than you previously built. This means that you need more materials, and of better quality, so it takes longer in each case.


Betting options and jackpots

You don’t have to worry much about the betting system. The 15 lines will each accept a bet of up to $1, so basically a single coin will be sufficient for each one. The maximum bet will be $15.

As for the rewards, the Master Builder symbol is the one that is going to be useful here, as the wild and also the one that creates combinations which pay up to $20,000. A Castle Gate symbol offers the same amount.

Design and symbols

Castle Builder offers a Medieval themed design that looks great, the game getting a lot of attention from the developers. Half of the screen shows you the castle, the other half is with the five reels and the various characters that are involved in the story. There is a lot of stone used in the design of this game, which is appropriate since it’s all about castles.


Symbols: Master Builder (wild, 20,000 coins), Castle Gate (20,000 coins), Treasure Chest (1,000 coins), Jewelry Box (500 coins), Money Bag (250 coins), King (100 coins), Queen (75 coins), Jack (50 coins) and 10 (10 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a very attractive game, with features that you will not find anywhere else, and where you have a chance to contribute to the construction of a castle with each spin that you go through.

The Castle Builder slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.