Chief’s Magic Slots

Chiefs-MagicChief’s Magic is a Native American themed slot machine, with a classic layout, with no features, but with an interesting design. Created by Microgaming, Chief’s Magic shows us in the background the Native American Chief, dressed in full ceremonial gear and holding some kind of feather adorned stick. The theme is common enough for 5 reel games, but in 3 reel slots like this one it’s much rarer, and Microgaming did a very good job with it.

In Chief’s Magic, the slot will offer a $3,000 top payout, but it will give you no features to help you out as you play. This is a 1 line and 3 reels title.

Features of Chief’s Magic

The slot’s feature list is empty, as the game doesn’t have any kind of special symbol or bonus game to give you. Classic slot machines often do this, giving players only the most basic way to play, with regular symbols that can form regular combinations and that’s about it.

Betting options and jackpots

By using all three coins that the game gives you, you can get the best payouts, but you should also use the denomination of $5 when possible, since the prize will be worth more. The smallest denomination is worth $0.25. With all three coins at $5, you have a maximum bet of $15.

The game promises to give you 600 coins when you wager 3 coins, 300 coins when you use 2 and 150 coins for 1 coin wagered. As you can see, the difference in value is double for the largest wager, even though it uses only 50% more than the previous one. Always use 3 coins, and if possible set the denomination to $5, since that gives you the highest payout of $3,000.

Design and symbols

The design is probably the best part about this game. It’s not special when it comes to the layout, the prizes or the features, but it does offer you a better than average design. You have the classic layout here, with three reels in the top left corner, the paytable on the right side and the logo area in the bottom left corner. The logo area is also where most of the action takes place, where the Chief is present and looking like he’s preparing to do some kind of prayer. The symbols are part Native American, part classics, but they look good either way.

Symbols: Chief (600 coins), Chief’s Magic Logo (150 coins), Red 7 (75 coins), Three Bar (30 coins), Two Bar (15 coins) and One Bar (9 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It is worth a chance, as long as you want pretty graphics, but you’d rather not get any modern features. It’s a very simple slot machine, but an attractive one at the same time.

Chief’s Magic can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.