Cool Wolf Slots

Cool-WolfCool Wolf is a modern game, a Microgaming slot machine with ways to win onboard, plus all kinds of features that are a bit more developed than you’re probably used to. The theme revolves around a werewolf that is also a movie star, but only at night, as during the day he’s just an awkward geek. He transforms when the night comes though, and you can see him with cheerleaders, at red carpet events, in sports cars and so on.

This is the kind of game that offers ways to win instead of win lines, 243 being available on a standard 5 reel setup. The features are among the best things that the slot has to offer, with rolling reels, wild symbols, multipliers, bonus games and free spins being placed inside. As for the top prize, it’s the one thing that isn’t up to par, offering only $5,000.

Features of Cool Wolf

There are both regular and more advanced features in Cool Wolf. The Rolling Reels are a bit of a modern invention, and the same can be said about the Howling Wild. There are free spins inside, big multipliers, scatter symbols and regular wilds.

Rolling Reels is the name of a feature that allows you to get more chances to win, with the same money spent. Whenever a combination is formed, the symbols that are part of it will roll off the screen, and new ones will come take their place. The new symbols can also create their own combinations together with the old ones that are still present, though you’re not guaranteed a win. During free spins, the Rolling Reels also increase the multiplier with each consecutive win, up to 10x.

The Cool Wolf Logo gets to act as the slot’s wild. Over 40 wilds are added to the reels of the game, so the chances are good that they will show up when you need them. This is a stacked symbol when it appears on the last three reels. As a wild, it doesn’t give away prizes, but it can substitute for any regular icon, the scatter not being on that list.

Howling Wild Feature

This is a randomly triggered event, where the player gets one of the three middle reels to turn completely wild, plus you get a guaranteed win when this happens. The Rolling Reels feature is not active for the duration of Howling Wild.


Free Games Feature

The golden tickets will trigger the free spins, plus the same symbol can give you a prize. Either way, you need a minimum of three scatter symbols. Three Golden Tickets give you 15 free spins and 3x the bet as a cash prize. Four symbols trigger a payout of 30x the bet and 20 free spins. The maximum of five Golden Tickets will get you 100x the bet and 25 free spins.


The Rolling Reels feature increases the multiplier with each consecutive win that occurs with its help, so with each new wave of symbols that comes in and forms a combo, you get higher and higher payouts. The multiplier can go up to 10x this way, but only for the duration of the free spins does Rolling Reels improve your payouts.

Betting options and jackpots

In order to activate all the ways to win, the slot requires you to use the equivalent of 50 lines. You can use 1 to 10 coins on each one, with denominations between $0.01 and $0.10, so the maximum line bet is at $1. The total for the game is at $50, and all 243 ways to win will be active.

The 5,000x top payout that you can win in Cool Wolf will be worth about $5,000, from 50,000 coins. It might not seem like much, but there are multipliers of up to 10x during the free spins, plus you get a lot more chances to win a prize since regular paylines have been eliminated. The scatter symbol is the one that will give you that top prize.

Design and symbols

The high quality cartoon style that is in use in Cool Wolf will make you enjoy the action in the game. The game manages to show you the lifestyle of the teen wolf, and he’s doing a pretty good job when he’s in his night form. The city where the action takes place is called Howlingwood, and the wolf seems to be a movie star.

Symbols: Cool Wolf Logo (wild), Golden Tickets (scatter, 100x the wager), Geek/Werewolf (500x), Cheerleaders (300x), Red Car (250x), Cineplex (200x), Sunglasses (150x), Ace (125x), King (120x), Queen (100x) and Jack (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Thanks to the amount of work that Microgaming put into it, you will get both the right design and the right features from it. It’s a game you should have fun playing, so I suggest you try it.

Cool Wolf can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.