Cracker Jack Slots

Cracker-JackCracker Jack is one of the many classic slot machines that Microgaming offers, and it doesn’t quite manage to stand out in the ocean of 3 reel games already available. It’s just like all the others, with its own theme (themed around firecrackers in this case), but with only one symbol that is themed, with a feature that is common for many other slot machines and with classic symbols for the most part.

The game will offer you 3 reels and 1 line to bet on, while the payouts available inside will go up to $25,000. The wild symbol and its multiplier will try to improve as much as possible the combinations of smaller value.

Features of Cracker Jack

Like many other slots from Microgaming before it, Cracker Jack offers its own wild symbol and it has a multiplier as well attached. The multiplier is applied to wins that are awarded as a result of the wild doing its job and substituting for another symbol. When this happens, and a combo forms with a wild on the payline, the payout is worth 2x the usual amount. When two wilds do this, they both apply their 2x multiplier, for a total of 4x.

The symbol that acts as the wild is also used to award the top jackpot, which is at 5,000 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

You can use a maximum of two coins when a wager is placed in Cracker Jack, both of them on the same payline. You also have the option of changing the denomination, within the given range of $0.25 to $5. When both coins are selected, and at top value, you spend $10 per spin.

The 5,000 coins reward that can come out of a two coin bet will mean up to $25,000 cash, as long as $5 coins were used that round.

Design and symbols

The firecracker theme means that you’re going to see an explosion of some kind in the background picture, with gold coins flying everywhere as a result. The symbols are mostly the classic kind, but there is that game logo and a firecracker, so about a third of the paytable is themed.

Symbols: Cracker Jack Logo (5,000 coins, wild), Purple 7 (200 coins), Yellow Triple Bar (100 coins), Red Two Bar (60 coins), Blue One Bar (30 coins) and Firecracker (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s got good payouts, decent multipliers attached to the wilds, and it’s not a bad looking game. It will do for a while, but it’s got nothing truly special to set it apart in this crowded market.

Cracker Jack can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.