Crazy Crocodile Slots

Crazy-CrocodileCrazy Crocodile is a classic slot from Microgaming, one of the many examples of such slot machines that this developer has created in the two decades or so of its existence. You’re not going to find that many crocodiles in slot machines, but just because it has a rare theme it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a fun slot to play. Not anymore than one of the dozens of other slots that have identical features and gameplay.

The theme seems to be the only thing out of the ordinary here, as the wild symbol is often found in 3 reel games with 1 line. The jackpot of $20,000 is also above average, but not by much.

Features of Crazy Crocodile

A single symbol is offered in Crazy Crocodile with a theme that is somewhat different, and it’s the wild that so many other slots deliver. In this case though, the wild can also award payouts as a scatter, not just by being with three symbols on the same line. You get 4,000 coins if you get a three wild combo, but they pay even if three of them are scattered, the prize being worth 1,000 coins in that case.

As for its wild power, the symbol can substitute for any other icon, but for that to happen you need one or two Crocodiles on a line where you get either a third symbol (with two Crocodiles) or two that are matching (with one Crocodile).

Betting options and jackpots

You can bet up to $15 on a single round of Crazy Crocodile, in which case you are using 3 coins of $5 to cover a single payline. You can reduce the number of coins to only 1, and you can also change the denomination, the minimum being $0.25.

Three Crocodile symbols forming up on the one active line of the game will result in payouts of 4,000 coins when three coin wagers are used. It means up to $20,000, which is not a bad top prize for a classic slot.

Design and symbols

The theme in this case is crocodile related, a character that you can see in the wild symbol and in the logo. It doesn’t seem that crazy to be honest, not even with all those sharp teeth showing at the same time. As usual, most of the design is classic, only one symbol having a connection to the theme (the Crocodile).

Symbols: Crocodile (4,000 coins, wild), Red Seven (300 coins), Three Bar (150 coins), Two Bar (60 coins) and One Bar (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

I wouldn’t choose it over another similar game, but if you’re a bigger fan of its theme than I am, go for it, it’s not a bad slot overall.

Crazy Crocodile can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.