Cutesy Pie Slots

Cutesy-PieCutesy Pie is a Valentines Day destined game, though it doesn’t quite manage to match the quality level that you will find in a modern game. Instead, it’s a classic title with some pink thrown in, designed by Microgaming, but without all their expertise used. The game doesn’t have that much to offer, with the exception of a low paying themed symbol, the others being all classics.

It’s quite the easy game to learn, not just because it has 3 reels & 1 payline, but because it has no other features. Its payouts are decent though, reaching $12,500.

Features of Cutesy Pie

The game is not the kind that you can expect to give you access to wild symbols or bonus games. It’s the simplest game possible, using only one payline and offering only regular symbols on it. The only one that is a bit different is the Heart symbol, which gives you money even if only one or two are present on a payline, the others all needing a full three symbol combo.

Betting options and jackpots

You get the usual option that a lot of 1 line games give their players, to use up to 3 coins to cover it. You also choose the denomination of the coins, as long as it’s within the provided range, of $0.25 to $5. There is a $15 maximum bet that results from these choices.

The number of coins that were used in the bet will determine what the top jackpot will offer you. The first coin you use gives you 500 coins, the second one adds another 500, but if you use the third one as well you reach a total of 2500 coins. That’s a pretty good bonus, so I suggest you always use all 3 coins, in case you get the top jackpot. The value goes up to $12,500 for this top prize.

Design and symbols

The theme is perfect for Valentines Day, but the implementation is not that good. It has a pink background picture, it has a Heart symbol that is used as the lowest paying icon in the game, but at least that means that you’re going to see it more often than others. The teddy bear shown in the logo area is not used as a symbol, even though I assume the title refers to it. The rest of the icons, including the one giving the top jackpot, are classics composed of Sevens and Bars.

Symbols: Blue 7 (2,500 coins), Yellow 7 (240 coins), White and Red 7 (120 coins), Triple Yellow Bar (90 coins), Double Purple Bar (60 coins), Single Teal Bar (30 coins) and Heart (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a decent title, but only if Valentines Day is near and you want to celebrate it with a very simple slot machine.

This Cutesy Pie slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.