Diamond 7’s Slots

Diamond-7sDiamond 7’s is a game that looks as classic as they get, and even the main symbol is a 7 in this case, which is an image often used in older slot machines. Microgaming is the slot’s creator, and this title of theirs seems to be perfect for players that particularly enjoy simple games, without features and as close as possible to the original pub slots. There are a lot of better looking games out there, even in the 3 reel category, so this one seems mostly a good choice for those that are nostalgic.

The biggest reward you get in Diamond 7’s is a $12,500 jackpot, and you only have to bet on 1 line in order to get it. This 3 reel slot has no features, of any kind, so it’s a barebones experience you’re getting from it.

Features of Diamond 7’s

There are no features in this game. Diamond 7’s is a very simple game, and I’m guessing that’s exactly what they wanted from this slot machine. Old pub slots used to be like this, offering you 7s, cherries and bars as symbols, without any real features, since that meant that they had to introduce complications in a mechanical slot machine.

Betting options and jackpots

You are able to wager with up to 3 coins, covering the same payline with all of them. They have $0.25 to $5 denominations, so the largest bet is worth $15.

This is the kind of game where it’s recommended that you use 3 coins, which will come in handy when you win the top jackpot. That is the only situation when you win more money per coin used, the game offering 2,500 coins in this case ($12,500).

Design and symbols

The classic design means that the game uses only old style symbols, though one of them is indeed a 7 that looks like it’s made out of diamonds. That’s the only thing that resembles a theme in this game though. The rest of the screen is quite basic. There is a background picture with horizontal blue lines placed very close together, there is the logo with diamonds and 7’s in it, a paytable on the right and the reels on the left. That’s about it for the design, nothing special to write home about.

Symbols: Diamond 7 (2,500 coins), Red 7 (240 coins), Three Bars (90 coins), Two Bars (60 coins), One Bar (30 coins) and Cherry (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you want to see how old style slots used to be like, without features and with classic symbols, Diamond 7’s could be a good slot machine to try out.

The Diamond 7’s slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.