Dino Might Slots

Dino-MightDino Might takes on a very popular theme, that of the dinosaurs. Microgaming is not at their first dinosaur themed slot machine, and recently they actually launched a Jurassic Park themed title. They seem to be doing a great job with each game of this kind that they release, and in the case of Dino Might it’s both because of the graphics and the many dinosaurs and long gone plants that are used as symbols, and because of the interesting features incorporated in it.

It’s a 5 reel title, a 25 line slot machine with plenty of cool features to show you, like the wild symbol, multipliers, bonus games and scatters. There is also that $40,000 jackpot to go after, not a bad payday if you happen to get it.

Features of Dino Might

The game has plenty to offer players. For one, there is a bonus game that takes place right on the screen with the reels. There is also a wild symbol that doubles prizes when it contributes to their formation, and then there is a scatter symbol as well, which also gives you a cool bonus game.

A Dino Might Logo was selected to act as the wild symbol. This symbol is capable of acting as a Joker would in a card game, taking the place of another symbol in order to help you form a new combo. It has to be on the correct payline and in the right location in order to do that though, so it’s not always capable of helping you out. However, if it does manage to assist you, the payout of that combo will be worth twice the amount indicated on the paytable. The same Logo wild is going to create its own combinations, and with 2 to 5 of them on the same line you can expect prizes between 5x and 8,000x the line wager.

Fossil Match Bonus Game

A scatter symbol is responsible for the start of this particular bonus game. The scatter is also going to award prizes, so when you have two to five of these Amber icons you get paid 2x to 200x the bet value.


As for the bonus game, three to five Amber pieces are needed to start it. The bonus game asks you to match four identical symbols, and you can win up to 20,000 coins if your luck holds up.

Triggersaurus Bonus Game

This bonus game gets started when 3 to 5 dinosaurs called Triggersaurus appear on an active line. All the other symbols become grayed out, and only the bonus symbols remain active. You pick up to three of these dinosaurs, to find out what kind of prize you’ve won. Up to 4,500 coins can be awarded.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s the kind of game where you get to use a lot of coins, up to 250 for the 25 lines, while denominations are kept rather low. The range for one coin is between $0.01 and $0.50, so with up to 10 of them per line the wager stops at $5. The total bet, for all 25 lines, goes up to $125.

The wild’s best reward is the equivalent of 8,000x, or 80,000 coins. That means up to $40,000 cash.

Design and symbols

It’s a very colorful game, with cartoon style graphics used for the plants and dinosaurs that makes them look like they’re from a children’s book. It’s not a bad look for it though, and there are a lot of details that have went into every single symbol that was used. The dinosaurs were well enough done, but I actually enjoyed the plants even more, since nobody seems to focus on the vegetation that filled our planet back then.

Symbols: Dino Might Logo (wild, 8,000x), Amber (200x bet, scatter), Triggersaurus (bonus), T-Rex (800x), Triceratops (400x), Brontosaurus (300x), Pachycephalosaurus (200x), Ankylosaurus (120x), Rafflesia (100x), Cycad (90x), Cactus (80x), Bulb (70x), Venus Flytrap (60x) and Stag Horn (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a very cool game, which will both teach you something new and it will entertain you along the way. I love how much it is themed and focused on dinosaurs, not letting any symbols inside that aren’t in some way related to that long gone world.

Dino Might can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.