Don Deal Slots

Don-DealThe action in Don Deal revolves around a sneaky guy that’s offering you a great deal, though when you take a look at him you’re not going to be inclined to take it. The money theme is attractive enough though, and Microgaming gives us in this case one of their very popular classic slot machines, using as always a different background and one themed symbol, while everything else is a classic.

There is only 1 line and 3 reels in Don Deal, but at least you get a wild symbol and its multiplier as well. A $8,000 top payout is offered, more than enough to make you happy for a while.

Features of Don Deal

You get a single wild symbol in Don Deal, plus multipliers that are attached to it. Using the image of the stack of cash, Don Deal acts as the wild and it substitutes for another symbol when it lands in the right position. It has to be on the payline, together with two matching symbols, and if this happens the wild takes the same role as them and the combo is formed. The wild will apply its 2x multiplier, so the prize doubles in value.

There is an ever better situation to be in though, where two wilds appear on the payline with a third regular symbol, both of them taking the role of the other and creating a combo. What’s great in this case is that both of them use their multipliers, for a total of 4x.

Betting options and jackpots

You get two coins that you can use, though you can select only one if you wish. Either way, there is only one line to use them on. Between $0.25 and $5 is the value reserved for these coins, with the total bet being at $10.

With two coins used in the bet, the game promises to give you 1,600 coins back, if you win the big prize. It means $8,000 cash, which is not bad for a $10 investment.

Design and symbols

The wise guy that appears in the logo area, with his proposal that is just irresistible, doesn’t look like a trustworthy character. The game’s theme is money related when it’s not a classic, but most of the time you’re going to discover old style symbols and reels in it. The classics are just like you remember, but there is one symbol that is fairly modern, the one with stacks of cash in it.

Symbols: Cash (1,600 coins, wild), Red Seven (200 coins), Three Bar (100 coins), Two Bar (50 coins), Cherries (40 coins) and One Bar (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

You don’t get anything special from this slot machine, there are dozens others just like it from Microgaming alone, so I’d only recommend it if you prefer its theme over another.

Don Deal can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.