Dragon’s Loot Slots

Dragons-LootInspired perhaps by the stories written by Tolkien, with dragons that love treasures, Dragon’s Loot is a game that is set in a Medieval Era period, using knights, castles and dragons on its reels, among other things. Dragons and Medieval Era adventures are quite common among slot machine developers, but I’ve found Dragon’s Loot to be a fairly decent slot machine, definitely in the top half of the market among slots with this kind of theme.

On the 5 reels of Dragon’s Loot, you get a total of 25 lines. The game will reward you with $20,000 prizes, with a bonus game where you search through the dragon’s loot, free spins, scatter symbols and a wild.

Features of Dragon’s Loot

The features are the same ones as in every other slot, but they’re quite generous, so you’re going to discover a lot of free spins being offered inside, along with a bonus game, a scatter symbol and a wild.

The Knight symbol gets to act as the wild in Dragon’s Loot. He’s smiling and using a sword in the image, being right in the middle of a battle with the green monster. This wild will only be present on three reels though, the middle three, which means that it will not be capable of giving you its own prizes. Instead, you will get a bonus game when all three reels have wilds on them, and the rest of the time it will do its best to help you create a winning combo by using its substitution ability.

The Dragon is the other big symbol, the scatter. It will give you a cash prize, while the free spins are started by the bonus game (which the scatter also starts). The cash prizes are given for as little as two symbols, and depending on the bet you made that round, the reward will be worth between 2x and 100x the bet.

Dragons Loot Bonus Feature

The scatter symbol can appear in multiple locations, in random positions, and you still get paid and you get the bonus game, if it’s in at least three spots. The bonus game takes you to a cave filled with treasures, and you have to make a pick, choosing one of the five piles of gold. It will tell you how many spins you won, and what the multiplier is for their wins.


Free Games Feature

Once the bonus game is done, and you find out how many free spins and multipliers you’ve won, the free games can begin. You can’t start the bonus game from within these free spins, but the scatters can still appear and award their fairly high payouts.


Betting options and jackpots

There are 25 lines in the game, and each one gives you the option to use bets of up to $4. These line bets use 20 coins, quite a few of them, but the denomination is low, with a maximum of $0.20. You can spend up to $100 on each spin of the reels.

With a 5,000x jackpot promised, the game can give you 100,000 coins, but it will only mean $20,000 since the coins aren’t worth much.

Design and symbols

What I enjoyed about Dragon’s Loot is the way the designers created the images used inside. They look a bit like an anime, but still appear to be childish and perfect for some story book or animation series. And while the playing cards were used here, they look medieval themselves and made out of stone. Overall, it’s the kind of game that you will have no problem playing, even though it’s no prize winning title.

Symbols: Knight (wild), Dragon (scatter, 100x bet), Bar Maid (5,000x), Castle (500x), Goblet (250x), Sword (250x), Ace (200x), King (200x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re at all interested in fantasy or medieval inspired games, Dragon’s Loot promises to be a good game, interesting and rewarding enough for a slot with so many paylines.

Dragon’s Loot can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.