Dubya Money! Slots

Dubya-MoneyWith Dubya Money, the player gets a political themed slot machine, which is used to protest against the involvement of United States in the Golf region. George Bush is a central figure in this slot machine, appearing in the background and in a bonus feature. It’s a very feature rich game, with excellent graphics, quite different from most titles that have only 3 reels. The oil motif, which many say that it is the real reason why the Americans got involved in the region, is present in a number of places. The slot’s developer is Microgaming.

Despite the very busy look that the game has, it’s only a 3 reel slot and it has 1 line. There is a very interesting bonus game inside, with all sorts of different levels that you can access, while the jackpot that is awarded in it is at $5,000.

Features of Dubya Money!

There are all sorts of features in Dubya Money, and most of them are not typical for a slot machine of this type.

First of all, as you play the game you will get access to features like Nudges, Skill Stop, Selecta or Spin a Win. You can get paid with their help, or they can assist you in getting the bonus game started faster.

Bonus Game

The real fun begins once you get the bonus feature to start up, which requires you to first complete a trail with eight steps, each number being themed around the American flag.

Once this feature starts, the image on the screen changes, and you are taken to a screen where there are three slot machines, each one with three reels. There are five potential mini games that can be accessed in this feature, including Oil Strike, Nudge Mania, Spin-a-Win, Win Again and Dubya-money. A few will play right there on the bonus screen, while others are to be used in the main game.


Oil Strike is one of the options, a bonus features where you pick one reel that should be held, while the others re-spin. You can get oil as a result (you win a prize), or a strike (you lose).

Another option is Win Again, or Spin a Win, where you use the reels of the bonus screen for free, getting a prize from them.

Finally, you have Dubya Money, which uses the three mini slots to give you three payouts. Each one can give you a maximum value of 500x the bet.

There is also another secondary bonus game, which plays next, where George Bush is part of the ballot. If he gets voted out, you continue to the main game. If he gets the vote, you get another chance to win a prize.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s the kind of game that has one line and requires only one coin to be used in the bet. You can’t bet more coins than that, but you can change the denomination, the minimum being $0.10, while the maximum coin value and total bet is at $10.

There are payouts of up to 500x the bet offered in the game, meaning that you can expect up to $5,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The design in Dubya Money is incredibly detailed, more so than in any other slot machine with 3 reels from Microgaming. It is also one of their better looking classic slots, though of course this game is close to being a modern title thanks to all that it offers. The main screen shows you not only the reels and the paytable, but also the bonus game trail and the Ballot Box feature.

Symbols: Dubya Logo (500x), Oil Barrels (50x), Cowboy Hats (30x), Watermelon (20x), Liberty Bells (16x), Plums (10x), Oranges (8x), Lemons (4x) and Cherries (2x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If the political side of the game interests you, definitely try it out. It’s one of the more interesting slot machines of this type, and Microgaming has quite a few of them that have these elaborate bonus features.

The Dubya Money! slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.