Fortune Cookie Slots

Fortune-CookieThe fortune cookie deserves its own slot machine, after all it’s been telling us how our futures are going to unfold for decades now. Fortune Cookie delivers us just that, a Microgaming slot machine themed around the Chinese fortune cookies. This exact theme hasn’t been tried by anyone else before now, though there are plenty that are inspired by the Chinese civilization.

It’s a 3 reel slot machine, offering the minimum number of lines it can, so only 1 is available. There are wild symbols inside, and they’re multiplying prizes when they get a chance. That power doesn’t help the $8,000 jackpot go any higher though.

Features of Fortune Cookie

The game doesn’t lack features, at least that much is true about it. Both a wild symbol and a multiplier are offered, both of them part of the same symbol. The wild symbol will act as a substitute, trying to take the place of another symbol when that gets the player a new combo and a new prize. Even better than that, having a wild in a combo doubles the value of the prize, so it’s better than having all matching icons in it. These wilds actually pool together their multipliers, so two wilds manage to quadruple the prize offered by a combo they were a part of.

There is also the situation where you have three Fortune Cookie wilds, all on the same line. There is no multiplier used then, since they act as themselves when they form the combo, but they still award the best prizes of this slot, up to 1,600 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

Despite the presence of a single line, the bet accepts for two coins to be part of the bet. You can choose what denomination you want, as long as you work with the range allowed, of $0.25 to $5. A maximum bet of $10 can be placed inside.

Depending on the wager you placed, you can get 800 coins or 1,600 coins from the slot’s top jackpot. The use of 1 or 2 coins makes the difference in this case. The latter will have a top value of $8,000.

Design and symbols

The developers made the game as Chinese themed as they could, while still keeping some classic slot elements in it. There is a Chinese village in the background, with boats floating on the river, an image taken at night. The fortune cookie is visible in a single graphic, the logo, which also appears as a symbol. The other symbols are regular ones, classic icons that you’ve seen hundreds of times before.

Symbols: Fortune Cookie Logo (1,600 coins, wild), Magic 7 (200 coins), Three Bar (100 coins), Two Bar (50 coins), Cherries (40 coins) and One Bar (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

As it often happens with classic slot machines, you’re getting the same game but with a slightly different design. It’s identical to quite a few other slots from Microgaming, so if you’re looking for a design that is slightly more appealing to you, Fortune Cookie might be a good choice.

The Fortune Cookie slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.