Game of Thrones – 243 Ways Slots

Game-of-Thrones-243-WaysGame of Thrones was created for the casino industry in two forms, as a 15 line and as a 243 ways to win slot machine. They’re both using pretty much the same graphics and gameplay, the betting system and the lines/ways to win being the ones that set them apart, along with the modifications to the payouts. Just like in the 15 lines version, you’re going to find a game that doesn’t use any images from the TV series, instead relying on logos and playing cards, a rather uninspiring look for it overall. The developer behind this slot machine is Microgaming.

The more modern of the two Game of Thrones slots, it has 243 ways to win, keeping the same 5 reels and combination of features otherwise. The latter include some impressive free spins features with multipliers, scatter symbols and stacked wilds. The jackpot is worth $6,000.

Features of Game of Thrones – 243 Ways

The game might use only wilds and scatter symbols, but their apparitions can bring you some valuable features. The wilds are stacked symbols, while the scatters will bring you free spins with multipliers that can be quite high.

First, we have the wild symbol, which just like in the 15 lines slot is a logo of the show’s name. This stacked wild symbol appears with up to 3 symbols on the reel, during the base game and while free spins are used. Either way, you get a chance to create combinations with only wilds in them, or a chance for other regular symbols to create their own. The wild helps them out with its ability to substitute for a regular symbol, and since an entire reel can be occupied by it, the chances that it will be at the right place and at the right time are very good.

The only other symbol with a special power is the Iron Throne, a scatter feature that awards prizes and free spins by appearing on random reels. It doesn’t have to create a combo on a certain line, it just needs 3+ symbols to give you payouts of 1x to 200x the bet and free spins. Even if you have only two Iron Thrones you will get paid, but it will be a small random cash prize.


Free Games Feature

The Iron Throne scatter triggers the free spins, whenever 3+ symbols are scattered on the reels. Next, you have a choice of free spins features, four of them total and belonging to four of the great houses of Westeros.


If you choose the Baratheons, you will receive from the slot 8 games for free and a 5x multiplier for all the wins. The symbols with the Baratheon House Logos appear in stacks of three, so there is a better chance of creating multiple combinations with them.

The Lannister House is also present, giving out 4x multipliers for their 10 free spins. That, plus the stacks of four Lannister Logos should be enough to make their feature a decent choice.

We have the Starks as well, with 3x multipliers and 14 free games. Their Logos are present in stacks of five, so odds are that you will get an entire reel occupied by them when they appear.

The Targaryen feature is the last one, offering the smallest multiplier of 2x, but having 18 free spins. As for their House Logo, it appears in stacks of six symbols.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s a more expensive slot to play than the game with 15 lines, using the equivalent of 30 lines for betting purposes. On each line you will use up to 10 coins, while their denomination will vary between $0.01 and $0.10. The line bet of up to $1 turns into a total bet of $30.

You will get the slot’s best reward with assistance from the scatter symbol, the Iron Throne. You get 200 times the bet this way, which means $6,000.

Design and symbols

The design in Game of Thrones uses some of the graphics used in the series, and it does look like it’s inspired by it, especially with the Iron Throne dominating the background picture. However, no shots from the series were used for its symbols, only playing cards with a metallic look and logos that represent the main houses of Westeros. A fan of GoT will be disappointed with what they will find in this game graphics wise.

Symbols: Iron Throne (200x bet, scatter), Game Logo (wild, 500x), Baratheon Logo (250x), Lannister Logo (200x), Stark Logo (175x), Targaryen Logo (150x), Ace (60x), King (60x), Queen (40x) and Jack (40x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a bit more interesting thanks to the ways to win system, which should mean more prizes overall, even though they’re of lower value. The design is the same as before, so it’s the weakest part.

Game of Thrones, an HBO Production

The HBO series called Game of Thrones is an adaptation that is based on the George R. Martin book series called A Song of Ice and Fire. Though Martin refused numerous offers of turning the books into movies, mostly because he thought that up to 20 of them would have to be filmed in order to cover the entire series, he eventually accepted for a TV series to be created, but only after a five hour meeting with the show’s creators, D. B. Weiss and David Benioff. The result was one of the most successful shows of all times, which gathered numerous awards in the years since it was first released.

The action takes place in the Seven Kingdoms, on the continents of Essos and Westeros. The major houses fight for the Iron Throne, in a civil war, while others try to come back and reclaim it and while dangerous forces prepare to go over the Ice Wall and invade the world populated by humans. There are numerous fantasy elements in the books and the TV series, along with a lot of nudity and violence.

You will find Game of Thrones – 243 Ways at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.