Game On! Slots

Game-On!Game On is a Microgaming slot machine, and while it is a classic title layout wise, its features and graphics do show a lot of influence that came from its modern cousins. The theme seems to be inspired by a football world cup of the animal kingdom. Taking place in Africa, among the players you will find zebras, monkeys, hyenas and so on. I haven’t seen this theme approached before, so it’s even better that a classic slot machine would use it.

3 reels are part of Game On, with only 1 line on them. It doesn’t lack features, offering a bonus game and a system with nudges, plus you can win $10,000.

Features of Game On!

The slot’s features focus mostly on its bonus game, which can give you very good prizes, but there are some nudges as well that can be found in the base game.

The nudges are shown on the left side of the reels, and they can be used by players that want to improve the combination of symbols created on the payline. The nudge is just that, the option to nudge one of the reels a bit, in order for a certain symbol to get on the payline. This is done in order to create a combination of symbols.

The other major feature in Game On is the bonus game. You need the ball image to appear on one of the symbols that are visible on the screen. They don’t have to be on the payline, and they don’t have to be identical symbols. They just need the little ball to appear alongside the regular symbols at least three times.

In this bonus feature that is started next, you are taken to a football field, with a trail of bonus prizes coming from each of the three animal players visible. You get a random prize from one of them, and you get the option to repeat the shot if you’re not satisfied with the prize. You will eventually have to agree to one of those prizes though.

The Zebra’s shot will offer you payouts of up to 100x, while the Hyena can bring you 250x and the Monkey can award 1,000x.

Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range here is between $0.10 and $10, and that’s also the denomination range for the one coin that is used by the game.

The base game’s top payouts will reward you with up to 100 coins ($1,000). The bonus game pays better, up to 1,000 coins ($10,000).

Design and symbols

The design is one of the best things about this slot machine. The wildlife theme is visible especially in the base game, where the reels are placed in the middle of the African savannah. There are wild animals on one side, looking at a treasure chest full of jewels, while a hunter is on the other side, ready to film the match instead of shooting at the spectators.

Symbols: Gold Trophy (100x), Whistle (50x), Colonial Helmet (25x), Training Shoes (16x), Watermelon (10x), Lemon (8x), 7 (4x) and Cherries (2x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Soccer fans will enjoy it, especially if they’re OK with the whole wildlife and sport mix that is used here. The design is good, the features are sufficient for a classic title, but the payout is a bit of a let down.

Game On! can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.