Germinator Slots

GerminatorGerminator is a game that focuses on germs of all kinds, in a very unusual title with a number of reels and symbols that you don’t encounter too often in modern slots. Microgaming offers us one of their more unusual slot machines, with a 6×6 layout used inside. The characters, meaning the germs, look cute, so I’ll give it points because of the design and for the fact that it’s so unusual that you just have to try it out and see how fun it is.

With 12 paylines placed on 6 reels, Germinator is one of the more different slot machines that Microgaming has created so far. A bonus game is its only feature, and it’s a slot that awards payouts of up to $120.

Features of Germinator

First of all, the number of reels isnt’ the only thing that is different about this slot machine. Each of the 6 columns has 6 symbols on them, for a total of 36 that are showing. Lines can be formed both in vertical and horizontal mode, so that’s how you get 12 of them. You form combinations with multiple germs of the same color (3+), and you get paid depending on the number of germs that are present and the type.



The only bonus feature of Germinator is the bonus game that gets triggered when three medicine capsules are present on the screen. You need at least three to get the feature started.

Once the bonus game starts, you pick one type of germ that will be removed from the reels. All instances of that particular type of germ will be taken out, allowing for new ones to come in. The type of germ that was removed will not count towards the wins.

Betting options and jackpots

The game has 12 lines, with one coin being used for each one. All 12 lines are active in the game, and the coins are valued between $0.05 and $2. The maximum bet is at $24.

You need 3 to 6 symbols to get paid by creating a combo, all of them on the same line and in order. The rewards vary between 0.2x and 10x for each symbol that appears. The best symbol is the Yellow Germ, which gives you 10x per symbol, so up to 60x the line bet. That’s a $120 jackpot.

Design and symbols

The game looks unusual, with a lot of symbols with germs being crowded on the screen. It’s a 6×6 layout, while most games use 5×3. There are five regular symbols with germs on them, which are basically cute blobs of different colors, with eyes and teeth. They make noises, coughing and getting your attention any way they can.

Symbols: Yellow Germ (60x), Green Germ (12x), Blue Germ (6x), Red Germ (3.6x) and Orange Germ (1.2x).

Is It Worth Playing?

I love how unusual the game is, and yet it’s cute and I’m sure you will love playing it. Play it if you’re bored with the 99% of the slot machines that exist out there, it resembles none of them.

The Germinator slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.