Girls with Guns 2 – Frozen Dawn Slots

Girls-with-Guns-2-Frozen-DawnFrozen Dawn is the second title from the Girls with Guns series. While the first one was a jungle based slot machine, the action in Frozen Dawn takes place in a frozen landscape, in the mountains. The same team of sexy girls is once again on the job, ready to kick some ass, and using lots of guns and explosives in the process. Some things have changed, mainly graphics wise, while others have remained pretty much the same. It’s still a ways to win game, just like its predecessor, but they improved the free spins significantly.

Just like its predecessor, Girls with Guns 2 has the same combination of 5 reels with 243 paylines on them, or ways to win as they’re called in this configuration. The features are not exactly the same, but they’re just as fun to experience, using free spins with Magnetic or Frozen Wilds, scatter symbols, special wilds and regular ones, plus a Shootout feature that gives you more chances to get paid. As for the top prize, it’s even lower than before, reaching $2,250.

Features of Girls with Guns 2 – Frozen Dawn

Even the spins that don’t bring you any wins can become winners in Frozen Dawn, thanks to the Shootout bonus. In addition to this feature, you will find the scatter symbol and its free spins with random features in them, plus the wild symbol (which is no longer stacked in this version of the game).

With the ways to win, the pre-established paylines are a thing of the past. The game looks each time at the symbols that are on consecutive reels starting from the left, and if you have 3+ reels with matching symbols you get paid.

The Girls with Guns wild is the first of the two features that have this capability, of substituting for another symbol. The substitution only takes place when the wild is present in a position where it can help you create another combination, so the rest of the conditions have to be met, with matching symbols already in place on the payline. The wild is also going to create combinations of its own, provided that 3 to 5 Girls with Guns Logos are arranged on the same line.

The Girl Team is present as well, a special wild that was also used in the other game. It’s going to show up on the 3rd reel only, and when it makes an appearance the entire reel becomes wild if this helps you create new combinations. It’s a feature that is only used for the base game.


The Satellite picture is the one to act as the scatter feature, so it’s the one that pays you without even having to be on consecutive reels. As long as there are 3 or more Satellites present, you get a prize and access to free spins. The cash prizes reach a value which is the equivalent of 100 times the bet.

Free Games Feature

The free spins are quite special, as they come with a random feature attached to them. You get 12 games for free, plus the Magnetic Wilds or the Frozen Wilds feature randomly attached to them.


Frozen Wilds is the first random feature that you can get for your free spins. Whenever a wild symbol appears during these free spins, they will freeze in place, remaining that way for 3 spins. If the frozen wilds manage to freeze up an entire reel, then that reel will remain wild for all the free spins that follow.


Magnetic Wilds is the second possible feature that the free spins can give you. These only show up on the 5th reel. When they appear, they will be pulled towards the left side of the screen, one reel at a time. So, if the wild appears on the 5th reel in the first spin, it will be on the 4th reel on the second spin, one the 3rd reel in the third spin, and so on, until it reaches the leftmost position available to it. The wilds don’t leave the reels, so you can keep using them from that position on the 1st reel. If the 1st reel position is occupied by another magnetic wild, the next one will stop on the 2nd reel.


Shootout Bonus Game

The game doesn’t stop at just giving you wilds and free spins though, as special as they may be in this case. It also gives you a second chance to win a prize during rounds when there are no regular combinations formed. The Shootout bonus game is triggered randomly after a non-winning spin.


When it triggers, a girl will appear on the screen, targeting a playing card symbol on each reel of the slot. You pick the one to shoot at, and the girl will get you a prize from it.

Betting options and jackpots

The game is cheaper to play now, as you only have to use up to 15 coins per line, instead of the 20 required in the first slot. The denomination has stayed the same, in the $0.01 to $0.05 range. Add it all together, and you get a $0.75 maximum line bet. There are 30 lines used for betting purposes, even though you get paid from 243 ways to win. The maximum bet is worth $22.50.

The game’s biggest prize might sound like a way to get rich, with its 45,000 coins, but since the denomination is very low, the actual value is only up to $2,250.

Design and symbols

The design in Frozen Dawn, the second Girls with Guns slot machine, has remained just as good as in the first one. It’s a winter setting now, instead of the previous jungle, but the girls are just as attractive, plus the mountain landscape visible behind the reels is the kind that you wouldn’t mind going up a mountain in order to see it. It snows in the game, but that special effect doesn’t bother you in this case.


Symbols: Game Logo (wild, 600x), Girl Team (wild), Satellite (100x bet, scatter), Katherine (400x), Maria (300x), Kira (250x), Alex (200x), Zoe (200x), Jess (150x), Saskia Villain (150x), Ninja Girls (100x), Mountain Fortress (100x), Ace (75x), King (50x), Queen (50x), Jack (40x) and Ten (40x).

Is It Worth Playing?

Both games from this series are a lot of fun. Anyone that enjoys a feature rich slot, with a great looking design and a lot of action inside, will have fun with Frozen Dawn as well. I highly recommend it!

You will find Girls with Guns 2-Frozen Dawn at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.