Gladiator Slots

GladiatorGladiator, while a decent game in its own right, is not the kind of slot machine that you would expect. Movies like Gladiator, or TV series like Spartacus, both released in the last decade or so, have given us a certain standard of quality that we came to expect from any production that tries to bring this world of arena fighters to our attention. This is more of a Roman themed slot machine, though there are a few gladiator inspired elements as well among the symbols. The creator of Gladiator is Microgaming.

There are a lot of lines in Gladiator, 50 of them being used in a 5 reel game, not unheard of, but not very common either. The features are standard ones, with free spins, scatters and wilds. The big prize of Gladiator is worth $25,000.

Features of Gladiator

Though it follows an ancient period in our history, Gladiator has very modern features to offer, among them being the wild symbol, the scatter and a round with up to 100 free spins.

The Gladiator Coin is the one that is used as the wild feature in Gladiator. Whenever you see this symbol appearing, you can expect from it that it will take the place of a regular icon, but from its original position. If that is enough to get you a new combination, or a better paying one, than the wild will help you out. If it’s needed in another position, it will not do anything to help, it can’t.

The only other symbol that has a special role is the scatter symbol, with the Roman Eagle being used on it. It’s an impressive feature, mostly because of the number of free spins that it can activate for you. Even without the free spins though, it can still give you a prize, which is between 2x and 250x the bet for 2 to 5 symbols.

Free Games Feature

While the cash rewards of Gladiator’s scatter symbol are very good, the truly impressive part is the number of free spins that you get from it. You will receive no less than 100 spins for free, if you have 3 to 5 scatter symbols. You can’t retrigger these free spins, but that’s understandable since you’re getting so many of them.


Betting options and jackpots

While the bets are placed, the options left to the player include the number of lines that should be active, the number of coins per line (up to 10) and the denomination (between $0.01 and $0.20). If you decide to use the maximum option in each case, you get a line bet of $2 and a total of $100 for all 50 lines.

The slot’s biggest rewards are more than decent, giving you 12,500 times the amount you invested that round, so up to 125,000 coins or $25,000. It might not sound like a huge amount, but it’s a generous prize for a game with 50 lines and wagers that only go up to $100. The one to give you this much is the scatter symbol, with its 250x the bet reward. The regular symbols award up to $10,000.

Design and symbols

If it was a slot machine themed around Ancient Rome, it would’ve been spot on. The foods, wine filled amphoras, the luxurious water fountains and musical instruments, these are all things that don’t really belong in a gladiator themed slot machine. A few warrior inspired elements are used, but not as many as there should’ve been.


Symbols: Gladiator (5,000x), Maiden (5,000x), Roman Eagle (scatter, 250x bet), Gladiator Coin (wild), Fighter (1,000x), Chariot Race (800x), Water Fountain (600x), Helmet (150x), Sword & Shield (125x), Harp (100x), Wine Amphora (75x) and Food (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Ancient Rome theme is appealing, but you shouldn’t expect much of a gladiator design from it. It has a lot of paylines, so plenty of wins are to be expected as you play it, but they’re usually not of very high value.

This Gladiator slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.