Hitman Slots

HitmanHitman is a slot machine offered by Microgaming, with the theme being inspired by a video game that any serious player will recognize. Hitman was a very popular video game on the PC when it was launched, and a few other variants were released in the series, besides those very popular initial titles. Now, we have the officially licensed slot machine as well, with plenty of design elements that were borrowed from the game, with the kind of dark and dangerous atmosphere that you would expect from it.

The game has fewer lines than I expected, though 15 is a respectable number for a 5 reel slot machine. There are multiple bonus games, free spins with multipliers, scatter symbols and one expanding wild. The top payout goes up to $20,000.

Features of Hitman

While the theme might be enough to bring a lot of players to the slot, what will keep them there will be the collection of features, quite an impressive list that Hitman has gathered here. Starting with the expanding wild, then we have the scatter symbols, multiple bonus games, free spins and multipliers.


Hitman is the wild element of the game, a natural choice for a title like this. Appearing only on the three middle reels, from 2 to 4, Hitman is going to expand and the entire reel it is on will be covered. The expansion takes place when a new win will be formed as a result of its appearance. As the wild, it doesn’t have its own prizes, but it does substitute for regular symbols of all kinds, the three scatter symbols being exceptions of course.

Free Games Feature

One of the scatter symbols that the game uses is the red round logo, with the number 18 on it. This scatter symbol appears in random positions on the reels, not having to be on the same line in order to award its prize.


You just need to get 3 to 5 scattered 18s on the reels, and you will receive 18 free spins and the 2x multiplier that will double all prizes.


Insignia Bonus Game

One of the two bonus games offered in Hitman, Insignia requires for the Insignia symbols to appear on the first three reels of the game. All three need to be in position, but if that happens a small bonus game starts up.


In this bonus game, you stay on the same screen, and you pick one of the three Insignia symbols from the reels. It will bring you a prize, as a multiple of the total bet.

Contract Bonus Game

The cooler bonus game of the two is the one called Contract. The laptop symbol triggers it, as long as you have it scattered on the reels 3, 4 and 5.


When this happens, you get access to a new screen, where you pick the target that you want to go after, out of the five shown. Each target has its own prize range, so you know the minimum and the maximum that you can walk away with. You pick the target, and next you have two more choices to make. The first one gives you a random value, when you pick the weapon. The second one is the multiplier that will be used with it. Both these together give you the prize for the bonus feature.


Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to spend anywhere between $0.01 and $75 on a single round of the game. The smallest coin denomination is $0.01, but you can increase it to $0.25. Up to 20 coins per line may be used, so the wager reaches $5 per line, or $75 total.

Since you can take home up to 4,000 times the line bet, you are going to get up to 80,000 coins from the jackpot, or $20,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The game is influenced by the Hitman video game, so it’s no surprise that the graphics are pretty much identical. The Hitman character appears in multiple symbols, while the rest will give you all kinds of ways to kill someone, from automatic weapons, to small knives or poisonous injections. The design uses a lot of black and dark red, and it’s a decent overall effect.


Symbols: Hitman with two guns (wild), 18 (scatter), Insignia (bonus), Laptop (bonus), Sniper (4,000x), Hitman in shadow (2,000x), Hitman from back (1,500x), Cash in envelope (1,000x), Handguns (250x), Automatic Rifle (200x), Poison Injection (150x), Knife (100x) and Fibre Wire (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game has great features, at least decent graphics, and the same can be said about the prizes. Overall, a player that enjoyed the video game shouldn’t skip the slot machine. Everyone else will probably have fun as well, especially thanks to the bonus features.

Hitman, the Video Game

Hitman is the name of a series of video games, where the player took the role of an assassin, using stealth to reach his objective and terminate the target. Agent 47 is the name of the assassin that you play in this game, and he is a clone that was created specifically for this purpose. He is considered to be one of the best assassins in the world.

The first game in the series was released in 2000, called Hitman: Codename 47, while the latest one came in 2015, the name being Hitman: Sniper, a mobile title. The appearance of the video games brought the series a lot of fans, so eventually the character crossed into other mediums as well, with novels, movies, mobile games and slot machines (obviously) also being created in time.

You will find Hitman at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.