Island Style Slots

Island-StyleIsland Style is one of the slots created by Microgaming, and it’s an incredibly colorful and happy looking game, at least for a classic title. This game, with its limited number of reels and single line, is themed around tropical island living, showing you a place with a beautiful ocean nearby, with lots of tropical plants, with colorful birds and flowers. It’s a lot more enjoyable to look at than most 3 reel titles manage to be, and that’s definitely a point in its favor.

Island Style is a simple game, which manages to make itself pleasant with its design, while keeping things as simple as possible, not using any features. It offers good prizes as well, the jackpot reaching $12,000.

Features of Island Style

The game is free of any modern features, which is something that a lot of players will like, while others will not be happy about. The game also manages to look great, which is something that a lot of other featureless slots don’t give you. You can just spin its reels and enjoy the colorful tropical island vibe, without worrying about pesky features complicating things on the reels.

Betting options and jackpots

Like many other slots with 1 line, the game allows for up to 3 coins to be used when bets are formed. You are also allowed to select denominations that vary between $0.25 and $5, which means that the bets will go as high as $15.

Those that bet all three coins at their disposal will find that the prizes become better as well, the best one being at 2,400 coins, or up to $12,000.

Design and symbols

The fact that the game is incredibly colorful and fun to look at will help a lot with its appeal, since there aren’t any extras to improve the slot otherwise. You see the tropical island view in the area behind the reels, with a purple ocean, with tropical plants, fruits and a toucan bird that has a flower tucked behind the ear. The symbols are mixed, part classic, part tropical island, but they all look good.

Symbols: Toucan (2,400 coins), Flower Bar (150 coins), Cherries (60 coins) and Bar (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game doesn’t have a lot of symbols, so it should offer you prizes often enough, but it doesn’t have features either, which might be a minus for some. The graphics are pleasant, and all things considered I’d recommend this game to players that love the simpler slots.

You will find Island Style at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.