Jackpot Express Slots

Jackpot-ExpressJackpot Express, while being a classic slot machine, manages to be interesting thanks to its design and the theme that Microgaming chose for it. It’s themed around a train that’s carrying away a load of gold coins, the wagon overflowing with the precious metal. The game is very simple in a lot of ways, but I give it points for the theme that was picked for it.

Despite the title, there is no progressive jackpot offered inside, but you still get up to $25,000 if you wager on the game’s 5 lines and spin its 3 reels. A lone wild symbol would be the only feature included.

Features of Jackpot Express

A single feature was introduced in Jackpot Express, the symbol used for it being the one with the train wagon filled with gold coins. As all good wilds do, this one also substitutes for all regular symbols of the slot. The presence of one or two wilds on a payline will mean that you need fewer matching symbols on the rest of the positions in order to get the combination formed. You don’t get multipliers from the wild when it does this, something that happens in other slots, but it’s still a very useful feature to have.

The same wild symbol, when it manages to align three Wagons on the same line, will award the top payout. Between 1,000 and 5,000 coins are won when this happens, so the ideal situation is the one where the wild does things on its own, rather than getting involved with other symbols.

Betting options and jackpots

You get as many coins to use in the bet, as there are lines active. That means that there are bets of up to 5 coins. Each coin has a maximum denomination of $5, while the minimum is at $0.25. The bets vary between $0.25 and $25 per spin.

The line on which the combo of three Wagons forms will determine how much you win. The lowest payout is at 1,000 coins, for the first line win. The highest one is at 5,000 coins ($25,000), for the fifth line win.

Design and symbols

The part that makes this game look appealing is the background image, with the Wild West era steam train that’s pulling the wagon full of gold. It’s a desert setting, but the train looks good enough to make up for the lack of details in the rest of the image. The other elements of the slot are typical for a classic title, with the paytable on the right, the reels on the left.

Symbols: Wagon (wild, 5,000 coins), Red Seven (80 coins), Three Bar (60 coins), Two Bar (40 coins) and One Bar (10 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The theme is the one I enjoyed most, but in every other way it’s a very simple and average slot machine. That cute steam locomotive kept me playing for a while though.

This Jackpot Express slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.