Jester’s Jackpot Slots

Jesters-JackpotJester’s Jackpot looks like one of the many games that are being offered these days, with a theme that’s 90% built around classic elements, the rest being the topic announced by the title, the jester. There is that one symbol that has the Jester hat on it, but the rest of the game is a very simple classic, with no features. Microgaming has quite a few titles of this kind, with no features and slightly different themes, and I’m not entirely sure why they need so many.

A very simple game, Jester’s Jackpot has 3 reels, 1 line, no features of any kind, and payouts that reach $12,000.

Features of Jester’s Jackpot

The game’s lack of features shouldn’t be surprising, plenty of slot machines with 3 reels do the same thing, giving you an experience that is as close as possible to the original slot machine, the pub game. These pub slots offered 3 reels and certain types of symbols, though they eventually got a bit more elaborate as time went by and more advanced games appeared. In this case we get a title that tries to keep things simple.

Betting options and jackpots

In typical classic slot style, the game allows for a maximum of 3 coins to be wagered, on the one payline available inside. Each one has a denomination between $0.25 and $5, so the most you can spend is $15.

As for the payouts, the more coins you use, the more you can win. The biggest jackpot, offered for a 3 coin wager, is worth 2,400 coins, so up to $12,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The Jester theme isn’t that obvious, being used in the logo and in one of the symbols. The background picture gives you a tile like image, with two shades of blue used to create that effect. The Jester symbol is the main one, so you should be happy whenever you see it appear and form combinations. The rest of the icons are classics, seen in hundreds of other slots before.

Symbols: Jester’s Hat (2,400 coins), Jester’s Bar (150 coins), Cherries (60 coins) and Bar (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a simple game, so the player that chooses it should be a fan of such a gameplay, without any features to change things up from time to time. It does OK in most ways, so for a simple classic it does its job well.

This Jester’s Jackpot slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.