Jurassic Jackpot Slots

Jurassic-JackpotJurassic Jackpot is indeed a dinosaur era themed slot machine, as many others are these days, thanks to the influence of the movie called Jurassic Park. Though I have no doubt that this game is inspired by that movie, there is nothing to suggest that it’s about it, looking like a typical dinosaur themed game in most ways. The game is also a classic, but it manages not to make that a downside. Microgaming manages to offer a fun title to players that prefer their games without too many features, though some good ones are still available inside.

With pretty enough graphics, with some wilds and multipliers to offer, Jurassic Jackpot should be a good enough choice for the fans of the simpler slots. With a $8,000 top payout, it doesn’t manage to be as convincing in this department.

Features of Jurassic Jackpot

Both features that are available in Jurassic Jackpot are tied to the same symbol, the T-Rex icon that also awards the slot’s biggest payouts. These prizes reach a top value of 1,600 coins, provided that two coins were used in the wager that round. If you don’t get three T-Rex wilds on the same line, keep in mind that even one or two can be of great help.

Since they can substitute for other symbols, they can be part of winning combinations together with regular icons. One wild will be of help when two matching icons take over the rest of the line, in which case you also get the 2x multiplier that comes with this feature, which will double the prize.

Whenever you have two wilds on the active line, while a regular icon is in the third position, the wilds take the same role as that third symbol. They both apply multipliers to the win, for a total of 4x.

Betting options and jackpots

As the paytable shows, there are two coins that you can use in the game, and they will result in different payouts. There are no bonuses offered for the use of two coins versus one, you get the same return on your investment (up to 800x). These coins are worth between $0.25 and $5, so the total bet goes up to $10.

With a 2 coin wager, the top payout in the game is at 1,600 coins, or up to $8,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The game’s design shows you the dinosaur world, but at sunset, so it’s not entirely clear what you’re seeing, the sun being beyond the distant mountains already. There are some dinosaur related images on the reels, along with a flower of that era, and if you look at the logo area you can see a pterodactyl flying. It’s a pleasant enough slot machine, especially as a classic that you don’t have too many hopes for.

Symbols: T-Rex (1,600 coins, wild), T-Rex Skeleton (160 coins), Three Bars (80 coins), Two Bars (50 coins), One Bar (20 coins) and Flower (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a normal slot machine, at least if you compare it with other classics that have wilds and multipliers. The payouts are average as well, but if you’re a fan of the dinosaur genre you’re not going to find that many alternatives.

The Jurassic Jackpot slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.