Karate Pig Slots

Karate-PigKarate Pig is a very weird mix design wise, using both the Asian theme and Martial Arts, but adding some domesticated animals to the mix, using them instead of humans. They’ve gone for a very cute look in this case, and with advanced graphics which are a pleasure to look at as you play the slot. The Anime style was preferred in this case, and since it’s applied to various types of animals, it’s even more fun than usual. Microgaming is the creator behind this particular slot machine.

Quite a few paylines are used in Karate Pig, 40 of them being available on 5 reels. The bonus game, the free spins with multipliers, the two scatter symbols and the stacked wilds, these are all great features and they’re available in Karate Pig. The biggest payout shown on the paytable is at $1,000.

Features of Karate Pig

The slot offers some very interesting features, starting with the Karate Bonus, and its three types of martial arts contests, followed by the free spins with multipliers, and by stacked wilds.


To start with, let’s take a look at the stacked wild symbol. Represented by the Karate Pig Logo, this wild appears in stacks of six symbols, so even though only half of them can appear at any one time, the odds of them taking over an entire reel are increased considerably. These wilds will substitute for regular symbols, so they don’t do anything about the two scatters. They can also create their own combinations, of up to five symbols, and once again the odds are better than usual that you will even get multiple top jackpots at the same time. Up to 2,000x the line bet can be won with its direct help.

Free Games Feature

The Bird Coin is only going to be present on two reels, 1st and 5th, and you need them both in order to gain access to the 15 free spins that are offered.


Any win that you might get during this feature will benefit from the 2x multiplier, meaning that it’s worth twice as much as in the base game. You can also retrigger free spins, if you get lucky again.


Karate Bonus Game

The slot has a bonus game as well, also requiring a scatter symbol to get started, though not the same one that gives you the free spins. In this case, you get the Karate Pig himself, as a scatter that is needed in at least three spots on the reels during the same round. It’s a typical scatter symbol in that regard, and when the requirements are met you will be taken to a new screen, where you can pick one of the two bonus game, Pork Chop or Hammer.


With each bonus game that you trigger and complete, you advance your belt, starting from white and going up to black. Once you have all 7 belts, you get to access Final Showdown.

The bonus games that you have to choose at first are both the kind that will make you pick things. The Pork Chop bonus game asks you to pick one of the barrels located at the top of the screen, while Hammer Bonus asks you to choose one of the six tarps.

Once you get the Final Showdown feature, when you have all seven belts, you are taken to a screen where Karate Pig faces a much bigger opponent. You pick what kind of attack you want to make, the choices being the Hammer or the Pork Chop.

Betting options and jackpots

Despite the presence of 40 lines in the game, the bets only use up to $20 total, each line getting up to $0.50. These line bets are composed of up to 5 coins, of $0.01 to $0.10 each one.

You’re being offered a decent top payout, which will give you 2,000x line bet, or 10,000 coins. It only means up to $1,000 cash though.

Design and symbols

It’s a very rich design that you will find in this game. The symbols each show you a different character, usually some kind of wild animal that is dressed like a human and acts as a martial arts expert. Each one shows a bit of the area near him as well, so they’re not just suspended in the middle of the symbol, it’s more like a photo. The design style is attractive, cartoon style and influenced by Japanese Anime.


Symbols: Karate Pig (bonus), Bird Coin (scatter), Karate Pig Logo (2,000x, wild), Pig in White (750x), Sensei (250x), Pig Singer (100x), Villain (75x), Buddha (50x), Cat (50x), Squirrel (45x), Food (45x) and Bonsai Tree (45x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I very much enjoyed the game, and you don’t have to be a fan of martial arts to find it a charming slot machine. Microgaming seems to have done a decent job in this case, but don’t expect to get rich playing it.

This Karate Pig slot is offered by all online casinos with Microgaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.