Leagues of Fortune Slots

Leagues-of-FortuneLeagues of Fortune is a Microgaming slot machine, which appears to be inspired quite a bit by the well known Jules Verne novel called “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. While it’s not directly focused on that particular novel, the action that takes place here, with sea monsters, submarines and treasures found at the bottom of the ocean, certainly seems to make you think about it.

With only 5 reels available, Leagues of Fortune manages to give you 1024 ways to win, and they’re not shy about using a lot of different features as well. You get free spins inside, stacked wilds, scatter symbols and up to 5x multipliers. Its prizes are very low though, with $750 being the value of the main one.

Features of Leagues of Fortune

The slot’s ways to win system is a big part of the attraction, along with the stacked wild symbol, the scatter feature or the free spins that it can trigger for you. Add some multipliers of up to 5x, and you get a pretty decent combination of features.

The game offers 1024 ways to win, and it uses reels with four symbols instead of three, in order to accommodate that many. The ways to win take the reels from left to right, and they consider the matching symbols that are on consecutive reels. They don’t have to be on certain predetermined paylines, they just need to be on reels that go from left to right. You need the first three reels to have a matching icon each one, in order to get a paying combination.

The stacked wild, with the Leagues of Fortune Logo, will act as the wild feature in this case. As it’s stacked, it can be incredibly useful in a slot like this one, where ways to win replace regular paylines. It’s easier than ever to create a paying combo, and the stacked wild is a big part of the reason. Besides the fact that it can substitute for another symbol, the wild also can create its own combinations, paying up to 150x the line bet. It’s a very low prize, which is about the only downside that I can think of in this slot.

There is also a scatter symbol, another very typical feature for a modern title. All symbols are scatters of sorts in a slot with ways to win, but this particular symbol has the added advantage that it doesn’t have to appear on consecutive reels, it can be placed anywhere in the game. These symbols will pay up to 75x the bet in prizes, plus they can trigger free spins.

Free Games Feature

Whenever three to five Treasure Chest scatter symbols are present, you gain access to the free spins feature. A giant squid makes an appearance and with its tentacles it will reveal the free spins that are awarded.


In case the free spins weren’t enough to get your attention, know that there is a 5x multiplier as well in this feature, which is applied to all the wins. You get five times more money while the free spins are running, than you would in the base game.


Betting options and jackpots

With so many ways to win, you might expect the bets to get expensive, but that’s not the case in this game. You only need to bet on the equivalent of 50 win lines to activate all the ways to win. Each virtual line gets 1 to 10 coins, with denominations being at only $0.01 or $0.02. That’s only a $0.20 line bet, with the maximum at $10.

Given that the slot doesn’t ask for much from its players, the top rewards are not impressive either. Despite the fact that you can win up to 37,500 coins, their top value only means $750 for the player.

Design and symbols

I’ve said it before, the game has a certain resemblance to the works of Jules Verne, and that’s a huge compliment that I’m making it as far as I’m concerned. This writer has created a great character in Captain Nemo, and the action in this game certainly seems to be inspired by it. There are giant squids attacking the submarine in one of the pictures, there are divers armed with spear throwers and treasures that are waiting to be discovered. All the symbols look gorgeous, at least the themed ones, as they didn’t go all the way and they used playing cards as well.


Symbols: Logo (wild, 150x), Treasure Chest (75x total bet, scatter), Captain (140x), Diver (130x), Submarine (120x), Map (110x), Ace (90x), King (90x), Queen (80x), Jack (80x) and 10 (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a great game for the fans of Jules Verne and of adventures in general. It has treasures as well to offer, though its biggest advantages remain its graphics and the features.

Leagues of Fortune can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.