Loaded Slots

LoadedLoaded is a rap themed slot, the graphics showing you how successful hip hop artists live. Microgaming made sure that lots of bling is included in most of the symbols, just like a slot machine themed around hip hop singers should be. There aren’t that many slots with a topic like this, so it’s definitely the kind of game you want to pay attention to if you’re interested in becoming a singer yourself.

You’re going to place your bets on up to 25 lines in Loaded, a 5 reel slot machine which also has free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds that will triple prizes. Loaded will offer payouts of up to $35,000.

Features of Loaded

All the features included in Loaded are normal for a 5 reel game, but the developers didn’t want to offer an average slot, so they improved each one a little bit. The wild symbol comes with a 3x multiplier as a result, while the scatters give you a choice between different combinations of free spins and multipliers.

The artist known as Triple 7 is the one that gets to act as the wild. He’s the one in the white suit, with a 777 pendant around his neck. What I enjoyed most about this wild is its ability to triple the prizes it helps form, using a 3x multiplier whenever he gets involved with regular symbols. The same multiplier doesn’t apply to his own combinations, but he still manages to offer the biggest prizes of the slot, up to 7,000x.

The Microphone is the slot’s scatter symbol. To take advantage of it, all you need is for at least two or three of them to show up on the reels. Your reward will be a prize when 2+ are present, and free spins when there are 3 or more. The cash prizes take into account the round’s total bet, multiplying it by 2x to 100x.

Free Games Feature

The free spins are interesting as well, mainly because you get to choose the multiplier and the number of rounds you win. With 3+ scattered Microphones, you get the choice on a screen with three lovely ladies.


The first option will offer you the smallest number of spins, only 12, but the highest multipliers at 4x. The second option is the middle ground, the brunette offering 16 spins for free and 3x multipliers. The third option, from the blonde, gives you 2x multipliers and 24 spins for free. You pick the one you prefer, and the free games will start.

Betting options and jackpots

If you want to place a bet, you can click on the + and – signs in the Bet section, or you can click on the title and customize the bet a bit more. You can choose the coin size, between $0.01 and $0.25, and you can also decide how many coins you want on each line (up to 20 coins). With 25 lines, the wagers use up to 500 coins, while their total value is $125.

The slot’s top symbol offers payouts of 7,000x, which means up to $35,000 when $5 line bets are used.

Design and symbols

The game is themed around hip hop and the lavish lifestyle that successful artists sometimes enjoy, which is a big part of the reason why they’re idols for a lot of teenagers. The way the characters are drawn makes me think about characters from video games, from the GTA series to be specific. There are all sorts of expensive toys among the symbols, but there are also beautiful women and the crew of the artist.


Symbols: Triple 7 Artist (7,000x, wild), Microphone (100x total bet, scatter), Brunette (800x), Redhead (800x), Blonde (800x), Man with fur (200x), Man in Green (100x), Mansion (80x), Yacht (60x), Limo (50x), Award (40x) and Turntable (30x).

Is It Worth Playing?

I’m not exactly a fan of the theme or the bling based lifestyle, but anyone that dreams of living that life will find Loaded to be at least a decent slot to play.

Loaded can be found at any Microgaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.