Lucky Charmer Slots

Lucky-CharmerLucky Charmer is a Microgaming slot machine, a classic game that is themed around snake charmers, which are quite popular in India. An Indian man is actually shown in the game, as he’s playing a song to a King Cobra snake. It’s an activity that became especially popular in the 20th century, with both tourists and regular people enjoying the snake charmer’s feats. The game you’re seeing here is special mostly because of its bonus feature though, and its very limited use as a wild.

You don’t expect much from most 3 reel slots with 1 payline, but this one has both a limited wild and a bonus game to offer you, as well as a prize that goes up to $5,000.

Features of Lucky Charmer

The game’s main feature is its bonus game, though the same symbol also acts as a very limited wild feature.

The King Cobra symbol has to appear only once in the game, and the bonus game will be started by it. The only requirement is for the King Cobra icon to be on the slot’s only active line, so it doesn’t count if it’s just visible but out of the game area.

Whenever this symbol appears, a bonus game is triggered, and you are taken to another screen, where you see the snake charmer and a collection of baskets and flutes. You pick one of the three flutes that are displayed on the ground, and one of the baskets will then reveal what’s hidden inside and the prize that you’ve won.

The same bonus symbol with the King Cobra also acts as a wild symbol, though it can only substitute for a single symbol, the Green Cobra. It’s still good though, as the Green Cobra awards the top jackpot, so having the King Cobra wild to help out means a better chance of getting that big prize.


Betting options and jackpots

While you have no choice regarding the value of the coins, always fixed at $1, you do have the option to use 1 to 3 coins, as you see fit. The betting range is only between $1 and $3, with the maximum bet bringing you bigger top jackpots, so you should always max it out when possible.

Use three coins, so a $3 wager, and if you get three Green Cobras on the payline you can win 5,000 coins, which means $5,000.

Design and symbols

The game’s design does focus on the snake charmer, and you can see it in a scene next to the logo area, but it also has a strange mix of symbols. The two types of snakes are accompanied by spicy themed icons, like the flaming 7 or the red chili pepper, and then you have the classics as well. It’s not a typical theme for a slot machine, not even a modern one, so it’s at least original.

Symbols: King Cobra (wild, bonus), Green Cobra (5,000 coins), Orange 7 (1,200 coins), Three Bar (600 coins), Two Bar (150 coins), One Bar (60 coins) and Chili Pepper (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s got an unusual theme, which is rare enough when it comes to classic slots, and the use of both wilds and bonus games is another point in its favor.

You will find Lucky Charmer at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.