Maria Bingo Slots

Maria-BingoMaria Bingo’s designer is Microgaming, and the game you’re offered here is a slot machine which is themed around bingo, another very popular game where players rely mostly on luck to get prizes. There are a few Bingo themed games on the market already, so we’ll have to see if Maria Bingo does things differently enough to get a slice of the action.

You have a game with 5 reels, but with a limited number of lines, only 9 being used. There are bonus games, wilds and bonus symbols inside, while its biggest prizes will bring you 5,000x what the line bet was.

Features of Maria Bingo

The game does have a Bingo angle, as it’s normal for a slot machine with this topic, but besides that bonus game, other features are rather scarce. A wild symbol exists, along with the symbol which triggers the bonus features, and that’s it.

If you happen to land a golden symbol with the image of a woman drawn on it, and with the four balls at the bottom spelling the word WILD, it means that you’ve just discovered the wild feature. This symbol gets its name from its ability, which allows it to act as a wild card, a way to complete combinations. A wild symbol substitutes for another only if that other symbol is needed to complete a combo of three or more symbols. The rest of the symbols needed for the combo have to be on that payline already.

Bonus Game

Next, we have the Maria Bingo Logo, which uses Bingo Balls to host the letters of the title. These symbols trigger the bonus game, with at least three of them having to appear in consecutive order on a payline.

This is a typical Bingo themed bonus game, where you have to choose the numbers you think will be drawn, and you get prizes based on the lines you complete.

Betting options and jackpots

You decide both on the number of lines that will be active, and on the stake per line. The bets don’t get too expensive since you don’t have a lot of lines.

If you get paid the best prize possible in the game, you will get back 5,000 times what you used as a line stake. It’s a good top reward, though many others do even better.

Design and symbols

The slot’s design seems to have been made with women in mind for the most part. It uses quite a bit of pink in the background areas, and the lines of the drawings are generally softer. The symbols use round fruits as support for the numbers, so for example when you draw number 65 you actually get a kiwi inscribed on the side. It’s not the most beautiful game I’ve seen, but it’s not unpleasant either.


Symbols: Maria Bingo Logo (bonus), Maria Golden Ball (wild), Blueberry Balls (5,000 coins), Cherry Balls (2,000 coins), Grape Balls (1,000 coins), Kiwi Balls (500 coins), Lemon Ball (100 coins), Melon Ball (50 coins), Orange Ball (25 coins) and Strawberry Ball (9 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Bingo theme is probably going to be a good enough reason for many to try it out. I wouldn’t recommend you play it if you’re not a Bingo player as well.

You will find Maria Bingo at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.