Money Star Slots

Money-StarMoney Star is one of those slots that tries to be as different from the rest of the pack as possible, and in this case it does it with the help of win spins and with special graphics that don’t look like they’re from a slot machine. The theme choice is reflected by the title rather well, with money and stars being part of the features used here.

The slot is a typical 3 reel title with 1 line, with payouts that reach a value of $2,000 and with an eclectic mix of win spins and nudges as its features.

Features of Money Star

The game relies on win spins to be its main feature, and they’re triggered with the help of bonus symbols with gold stars on them. In addition, you also get nudges and holds from time to time, which can turn a spin into a winner. You get these features at random, but they do help you make more money in the long run, so I’m happy they’re included.

Another important part of the slot is the Gold Star with its bonus ability. You can get paid quite a bit when three of them form up on the payline, up to 200x the wager, but you also get the win spins when only one is present.

Get a star on the line, with two other icons in the same position, and you get a win spin as a reward. This is a free spin that automatically rewards you with a prize.

Betting options and jackpots

Like it happens in many other slots of this type from Microgaming, this one also uses a single coin in its wagers, but allows it to go anywhere between $0.10 and $10. That coin denomination is also the wager for the spin.

Your reward will be up to 200 times the bet, which in this case would mean up to $2,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The slot has a bit of an arcade feel to it, thanks to the way Microgaming decided to make it. The reel area has a blue background with gold coins and stars hanging in mid-air, while the paytable, the screen and the line numbers are placed on an ATM machine. The idea would be that you’re playing the game on the ATM, at least that’s what it tries to suggest.

Symbols: Gold Star (win spins), Gold Coin (200x), Red Star (10x) and Mixed Symbols (2x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s unusual, but that’s not its only proposition. The win spins and the nudges can be fun to get as well, and the design is far from average, so I’d say it’s worth at least a shot.

You will find Money Star at any online casino which chooses to use software from Microgaming, playable either for free or for real money.