Monkey King Slots

Monkey-KingMonkey King is an Asian styled slot, the theme being indeed built around a monkey character. The rest of the characters present in it are also animals, from bulls, to pigs, but there are quite a few humans as well, and mixing them is somewhat unusual for slots, which tend to go with one or the other. The game was created by Microgaming and it’s one of the better looking titles of theirs, even though they have a lot of gorgeous slots.

You get a maximum of 30 bet lines in Monkey King, a 5 reel slot machine. There are free spins to take advantage of, with multipliers enhancing their prizes, plus you will encounter scatter symbols and wilds along the way as well. The biggest prizes mentioned by the paytable are on the low side, worth up to $1,000.

Features of Monkey King

The list of features begins with the stacked wilds, continuing with the scatter symbols, with free spins and with multipliers. These are all typical features for modern slot machines, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable.

The Monkey King character is considered the wild of the game and it appears as a stacked symbol on the reels. What this means is that it comes in groups of three symbols stacked on top of each other. You might have all three wilds visible on the reel, or you might see only one or two, while the rest are outside the game area. Still, in average you can expect to see two wilds on the reels whenever this symbol makes an appearance, and that’s more than what other slots will offer you. The wild substitutes for any other symbol, with the only exception being the scattered Logo.

The Logo symbol acts as the scatter of Monkey King. It uses the image of the game logo and it has the ability to appear anywhere on the reels of the game. The location doesn’t matter because the scatter symbol doesn’t form regular combinations. You only need the required number of symbols to be there, a minimum of two being enough to bring you a prize. These prizes start at 1x the bet value, and go up to 100x for the maximum number of symbols.


Free Games Feature

Another advantage of the Logo scatters is that they bring with them the free spins. 3 to 5 Logos will trigger a bonus feature where you get a chance to win up to 25 free games, multipliers of 4x and an additional three wilds on the reels for the duration of this feature.


Betting options and jackpots

You don’t win a lot of money in this game, but you don’t have to spend too much either. The line bets only go up to $1, using 1 to 20 coins with denominations between $0.01 and $0.05. With 30 lines selected, if you use them all, you get maximum bets of $30.

The top jackpot will give you 1,000 times the line bet back, so up to $1,000 can be won. The number of lines insures that you’re going to win fairly often though.

Design and symbols

The amount of detail that was introduced in every single symbol is one of the reasons why you will love playing Monkey King. The theme choice is a bit quirky as well, a monkey boy being the king of the Chinese by the looks of it, but that adds to the appeal. There are no symbols in here that don’t belong, all of them looking great and with things that are part of the story.


Symbols: Monkey King (wild, 1,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x bet), Pig Man (250x), Holy Man (200x), Girl in Orange (150x), Girl in Red (125x), Warrior (100x), Bull (75x) and Man in Blue (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

With interesting features and with a very well polished design, the slot has plenty to offer you, but a big prize is not one of the things that will make you want to keep playing.

The Monkey King slot machine is offered through the Microgaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.